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Nor Easter - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Nor Easter
Why, yes, it IS pretty windy out there today.  Maybe from hell freezing over on account of neither of us having a thing to do with the holiday du jour.

The Buddhist Center had their regularly scheduled chanting events today. Eleanor wound up not going, but I was glad they offered the option.  I maintained my own weekly "service" with friends of the four-paw persuasion, this time back at the mostly-dried-out local state park. (The official Bark Park reopens next weekend.)  As I waited for the gang to arrive (and while watching Ebony sniffing every tree trunk in sight), I looked at this tall guy in front of me and realized, Wow, I look pretty impressive on stilts:


Lots of new friends for the grrl to sniff until Jazz and Ursula got there- English setters, a couple of doodles, plenty of pitties and, soon after our friends arrived, a fox went sailing by- and Ursula took off in hot pursuit. We just laughed; she's 11 and not catching that varmint in this lifetime.

After all that excitement, she went down the crick.  Here she is after her swim, doing what she does:

 Ebony didn't follow, but she did drink out of it for the first time I can remember.

We came home, I took in a workout, did a quick Wegmans run (much quieter than the pre-Easter crazy of yesterday, but did encounter a woman trapsing her tiny poodle all around with her- too small to tell if it even had one of those fake "therapy dog" stickers on it).  This afternoon is for paying bills, watching last night's Doctor Who series 10 premiere, laundry- and not much else.
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