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Doctor Double Dactyl - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Doctor Double Dactyl

Higgeldy piggeldy,
Peter Capaldi- he's
Back with a brand-new
Companion named Bill

She's black and she's gay
But it's way more important
She's brilliant and gets more
Than most humans will

About Twelve, she does, anyway.  That's what we found in our first dose of Doctor when it finally arrived on Saturday night.  Despite her not officially being a student at Unnamed University, she's clearly brighter than the firstest of the Firsts- at least in a brain processing sense.  In a "let's go unaccompanied into peril and hope we come out alive and/or get rescued" sense of Not So Bright? Not so much.

I liked the episode.  Lots of throwbacks to prior incarnations and performers, a decent standalone of a story, and lots of potential for good adventures in time and space to follow.


Jiggery pokery,
Coal Hill Academy's
Hiding two aliens
Right in plain sight

Figures the Doctor's
The one who transplanted
Them into the heart
Of a Shadowkin fight

When BBCA endlessly pushes a premiere during its return-series premieres (Doctor Who, Orphan Black), I'm mostly annoyed and tend not to want to watch. Yet Class had the promise of another spot of Twelve in it, so although we hadn't DVR'd it, I found it on-demand and we watched it during dinner last night.

Another grade of "well done."  They did a nice job of establishing the premise and the characters, who stood on their own for more than half the episode before Doctor ex Machina came along to save the day.  Still, any remaining signs of Capaldi on the BBC boards are fine with me.  Apparently this series already had its first run on Auntie's home turf, and the decision's been made not to renew it; how closely tied that is to the imminent cast change on the main show, I've yet to hear.  Maybe Netflix or Amazon can boldly go to carry it forward if it does well in the US.

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