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Long Day, followed by a Big Breakfast - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Long Day, followed by a Big Breakfast
I knew yesterday was going to be a long one.  What began with a single afternoon commitment (an early afternoon real estate closing in Rochester) started gathering additional appointments round it like darts thrown at a board, and when I left yesterday morning I had a total of six scheduled gigs between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Also, when I left yesterday morning, I'd been up since 3 a.m.  You can thank the dog and my brain for that; Ebony needed to go out, and that's about the worst possible time in terms of sleep cycle. Earlier, and it's much easier to beat down the wakeys and get back to sleep; later, and it's easier to just say fuggedabutit and stay up.  But the wheels on the brain turned for a good two-plus hours before I finally surrendered, fed everybody early, and left earlier than I needed to so I'd get an early start.

I may also have sensed a disturbance in the Force.  For 70 miles away at 5 a.m., one of my Rochester co-workers was reading an email which hurt him and impugned me, and he was livid about it, even when I finally caught up with him hours later.  They clearly have my back in the dispute, and it's going to come to a head Monday. I will not be there for it, but there will be further reports one way or the other.

Other than that, though? Not all that bad.  The earliest of the six rescheduled (to Tuesday, which is similarly starting to grow appointments like topsy), the people I saw were all nice, largely complimentary of how I worked with them and explained things, and all of it was in one place except the closing.  That was the usual hour of frustration for me, as banks continue to expand their piles of crap they expect people to sign in order to get a loan. Also, the figures were wrong, and the client overpaid- by the exact amount of their previous deposit. THAT was because banks also consider their customers to be lying criminals, and they did not credit the deposit even though the contract, the closing communications between buyer and seller, and the realtor had already confirmed it. No, they needed to see a bank statement PROVING the deposit had been deposited.  They're refunding it by early next week. No harm, no foul.

The final appointment started on time and finished right after 6, and after grabbing dinner and gas (at different establishments;), I rolled in right around 8 last night.  Eleanor had also had a tiring day, including plenty of amateur psychotherapy of her own customers, but it was finally the weekend! We could sleep in!

About that....


Ebony went outside at an earlier hour, and other than those few minutes I got a full night's uninterrupted sleep before making it until my usual target feeding time of 6 a.m.  The drill for that goes like this: older cat gets fed on kitchen counter, younger gets fed in Ebony's old training crate (otherwise she raids everybody else), the dog's bowl gets filled with kibble and meds and is placed on the floor.  Munching ensues, and Ebony needs to go out again roughly half the time. When everyone's finished, Zoey is released from her captivity, the dog comes down to this end of the house- and these days, we put up a baby gate to keep her AT this end of the house. She'd picked up an annoying trick where she'd bark at the back door, only to turn when the tired doorman/woman appeared and head for the kitchen where her treats are.  No more of that.  Usually, she falls asleep with one or the other of us, the cats annoy to varying but acceptable extents, and we can catch an hour or so of additional zed's.

This morning, soon after the raising of the Wall, I heard a thud down kitchen way.  I stumbled out to the gate and saw and heard nothing further from the other side. Figured it was nothing major and headed back to bed. Ebony, on our side of the gate, would not settle down; pawing back and forth, from room to room to hall, with the occasional bark and whine.  We resisted, told her to settle down, to no avail.  Finally, I took the gate down and found the cause of it all:

The thud (or was it a thunk? It could be important!) was the dog food bucket, which the inattentive waitstaff (me) had left on the kitchen counter instead of returning it to the safety of its cabinet.  Zoey, especially, was practically in orgasm over it. I picked up as much as could be cleanly returned, swept out the rest that I could see or reach, especially under the hutch in the kitchen, that was covered in dust bunnies, and tried to get back to sleep. No luck: Ebony was still pissed despite getting treats from both of us, and the cats were basically fat tubs of goo who, even now 20 minutes before their evening feeding, are showing no interest in being fed again- other than Zoey making a game out of getting the last crumb of kibble from under the hutch.

I also knocked over at least two things in my travels before finally getting out of here later in the morning- but I've mostly recovered from the day and the disaster.  I took the vacuum in for servicing, did a killer workout, and visited my local office for the first time in 48 hours.  Eleanor biked some, bought some things for her bike in thoughts of starting to ride it to and from work, and she's been drawing. Plants, not kibble.

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