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If I may be so BOLD... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
If I may be so BOLD...
Nothing from my workday, though it was okay.

Nor from the end of the day, where we just got home from seeing Boss Baby, which was quite fun and sweeter than the previews would have suggested.

No, tonight I dare YELL just a little bit because


It's been in the works for a few weeks, and I'm almost as proud to say that I had virtually nothing to do with it. My first clue was walking into a colleague's office in Rochester earlier this month and hearing, "Well, I've known her since she was 8, and she's worked here over the summer and did a great job...." I knew that was Brett giving her a reference- for a job which turned out to be with the Alzheimer's Association in Rochester.  I asked her about it and tried not to be too nosy about the progress in the ensuing weeks, but as of last time we discussed it, they'd told her things were moving along with the application, but that some organizational changes meant they might move a little more slowly.  Until today- when they made her the offer and she accepted it to begin probably mid-May.

We haven't gone into the specifics of responsibilities or pay, but it's bound to be an improvement. My coworker helped get her the current gig right after she graduated from RIT three years ago, and for various reasons it wound up being more stressful and less remunerative than she would have liked. It will also likely get the kids moving a little closer to us when their current lease is up over the summer.

It's a good day and everyone who's encountered the organization has had good things to say about it. Her nana on my side of the family suffered from dementia in her final years, which may give her some extra empathy in dealing with what the situation presents.

I will see her after work tomorrow- another day in Rochester with back-to-back-to-backs after an early appointment here- and will be bringing her Eleanor's good printer while we try to fix its predecessor, which we donated to her sometime last year.  We will also pick up her unneeded DVD copy of Rogue One when I go out there.

The Force does, indeed, appear to be with us:)

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mac_arthur_park From: mac_arthur_park Date: April 25th, 2017 01:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Congrats! Good news!
tilia_tomentosa From: tilia_tomentosa Date: April 26th, 2017 12:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Good luck to Emily! :)
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