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♫Binge Binge Binge Binge, Lovely Binge, Wonderful Binge....♫ - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
♫Binge Binge Binge Binge, Lovely Binge, Wonderful Binge....♫
It's that most stressful time of the year for people like us who don't watch much television. All of the Good Stuff has come back, or is coming back in the coming weeks. It's cutting into my cardio reading schedule; as perhaps a bit of karma, my Android tablet has just shat the bed and won't come out of an infinite boot cycle. I've resorted to Factory Reset and even that seems slow to fix things. It's within a year of purchase, so I may also have return options. I didn't drop or drain or otherwise damage it; it just decided it'd had enough silliness and Dystopianess.  So stay tuned on that.

Meanwhile, here's a quick summary of what I, and/or we, have been keeping up on and/or looking forward to:

* MST3K:) Joel and the bots are now Jonah and the same-differently-voiced bots, and Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank are now Kinga and Max- but Joel and many of the original participants are behind this crowdsourced return. The first two eps laid down the renewed premise and gave us two utterly horrible films to make fun of. Emily especially enjoyed the many Muppet references.

* BBC current:) We're three weeks into both series 10 of the reGenerated Doctor and series 1 of the spunoff Class. Both are brilliantly acted, well-written, and full of scripted moments that bring out the best of both.

* Handmaid's Tale. I couldn't pass up on the best of current dystopia, so I began this one right before the tablet checked out, and finished the pilot on this laptop. It's been updated to present-dayish with Uber and mobile phone references, and the cast is much more diverse than the Atwood original and prior film allowed, but the main things remain: the fear. The evil misuse of religious doctrine. The plutocracy.  (Wait- the miniseries also includes those. I was referring to current events.)  My only objection concerned the commercials which Hulu fed me as I was sitting there feeling for these women: David's Bridal with models prancing about? And an online lingerie site?  That's right up there with the oven cleaner commercials during the 70s Holocaust miniseries. (Oddly, Emily, who also watched it, didn't get those offensive ads. I must have a fucking weird algorhythmic presence.)

* Fargo.  Of course I missed that Series 3 of these Coen-blessed spinoffs had begun.  We tried the first ep; Eleanor bailed, but I will likely check back in on where Noah Hawley goes with two Ewan McGregors and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who I fell in love with during the dear-departed Brain Dead.

* House of Cards.  Trailers and other hints abound, but Francis and the gang won't be formally back until the end of the month. That hasn't stopped a local billboard from riffing on it:

* And finally (of this list and for the Clones), Orphan Black. It's routinely teased during Doctor and Class as being the final season, but it won't be back until June.  The focus seems to be on the main four: Sarah, Alison, Helena and Kosima; but there are plenty of hints of spinoffs and detours. Pass the pork rinds AND the chards.

AND we have unseen Portlandias, and One Days at a Time, and are way backlogged on films. All in all, good problems to have:)

ETA Annnd the factory reset worked. Tablet, email accounts, Kindle, Netflix and Hulu are all back and running:) Oh, and in the other news of the day: Eleanor got through rain falling on her riding her bike to work for the first time today; the ride home was drier but windier and much harder. And my sister got through a tree falling on her pool and poolshed overnight. I had nothing fall on me except clients, but I seem to have lived:)

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