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Fell. Blowed. Sucked. And this morning, Screwed. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Fell. Blowed. Sucked. And this morning, Screwed.
Back in that Other Place I used to use as my primary blog site, it took all of four days of 2017 for me to call the year into the principal's office for a good talking-to.  Not fully done with three days of May, and it's time for a refresher.


MayDay itself wasn't especially bad, other than the weather, noted here at the time.  Just one court appearance, which went about as expected, and the Mets won #hownovel .

Tuesday, though, brought on the need for the talk.  Before 9 a.m., there were two calls and two voicemails from my sister down in the 607. Here's how Siri, in her inimitable transcription mode, reported it:

Hi _⁠_⁠_ it's Donna I have to tell you something that happened you last night um I'm gonna try calling you _⁠_ _⁠_ on the cell phone but I wanted to talk to you before I call the insurance man talk to you later bye-bye…

"Insurance man" is never good. Neither is what happened down there in the wee smalls of Mayday Night: a large tree fell over, crashed into the fence around her inground pool, and smooshed the shed next to the pool that houses the filter and other stuff. Nobody was hurt, and at last report the filter and other pool innards hadn't been damaged, but what a way to start a morning.


Tuesday  was also my latest-of-the-day court of the five straight days this week, so I came home before the noon appointment and saw Eleanor's car still in the garage.... but her bike missing. Ah. She'd been talking about biking to work for a couple of weeks, and had been taking some morning rides round the neighborhood to work up to it. That day, turned out, she'd done just that- and was fortunately wearing a poncho, because the rain was coming down on-and-off the whole 2-to-3 ish miles over there.

Meanwhile, I got to, in and out of my noon court and back for an afternoon appointment, a pile of backlogged documents needing to go out, and a phone full of other annoyances. I beat Eleanor home by half an hour or so-understandable, since the wind had picked up and was blowing against her the whole way home. We tried the new Fargo series with mixed reactions, and turned in for our respective runs at the Day of Hump.


I was the first one out. And the first to Fail:P

Before I was even out of the driveway, JARVIS popped an idiot light. Only not his warning tire pressure low one  but a major DANGER SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE one previously unseen.  The ride felt okay, but I'd gotten up early enough before court to check, so I rolled into the gas station kittycorner to my office and pumped up all four to spec. The left front seemed the softest, but it was the right rear which turned out to have the inch-long screw poking out of the edge of its tread.

Avengers, assembled! I knew Eleanor didn't go in to work until 11, but didn't know if she was planning to bike in again;  but I texted her, grabbed her electric car with its 90 percent charge, and boogied downtown. She, eventually, had the presence of mind to call Mercedes roadside assistance (because our lil Smarts are, indeed, full-fledged members of the Daimler-Benz familie) rather than AAA, and she got them to come to the house, get him on a tow truck (no small feat, since Smart tow hooks are buried in odd places), and got a ride to the store with him.

Meanwhile, Ziggy was a champ. Court, a detour Emily had asked me to make for Cameron's brother, back to work, a post-work errand for a client, and finally to our Under New Management cardio gym and he still had plenty of juice.  Things got a little dicey because I didn't know about the riding-to-work-in-the-tow-truck part until I snarked about picking Eleanor up from the store- but I did. After heading for said cardio, (factory-reset) tablet in hand, and discovering that the New Management did not pay the cable/internet bill for the Old Management and thus, no wifi. And, since I'd just reset the tablet, no Kindle, either.

I picked Eleanor up early.

We'd found out, earlier, that the tire was indeed screwed- non-repairable and in need of a new one. About the only part not covered under a new car bumper-to-bumper-but-not-the-tires warranty.  We didn't get out in time to pick it up  by their closing time, and thus will be out there tomorrow morning, stupid early, so I can pick up JARVIS and head downtown for Fourth of Five.

Complaining is futile. I will be ass-holilated. I might even see our own kid at some point tomorrow- either before they leave town or if I get to the Rochester area the afternoon before Fifth of Five. AKA cinco de mayo. Which involves drinking heavily, which has been a major inspiration of this post.

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