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"Mostly sunny." All Groot. Eventually riding. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"Mostly sunny." All Groot. Eventually riding.
Thus go two more days of life along my threescore-and-tennish quota.

My usual Sunday routine: set an alarm for 7:30. Make sure at least one Dog Church member is coming. If they are, throw on clothes and get to the Bark Park by 8.  But not after last week's work craziness and the continuing rain. Nope, no alarm was set.

Yet there I was, awake at 7:30 after a relatively mellow Saturday, with the only alarm being traces of sunshine coming through the blinds.  They were enough: after recent days, that passed for "mostly sunny," so I dressed (warmly, still, with winter boots because, mud) and leashed the dog for her usual PARP! experience.

All was well. Our usual friends arrived soon after, the semi-regular sweet Dobies joined in (both having spotted me as a sucker, leaning up against me for petting and scritches), and we were soon joined by bunches of beagles and labs and mutts, oh my!  It was a lovely and dry way to start the day.  I passed on the usual Sunday workout because I'd burned three of my eight monthly quota of them last week without even remembering the third (I finished second in the 40-and-up half marathon for April, so there may be a medal coming), and instead finished the last of the five bankruptcies I'd brought home for the weekend as far as I could get them....

until it was time to Be Groot.


GOTG2 was set for 3:10 Sunday. It was worth every minute of the eight Blow Shit Up previews they subjected us to (several Marvels, yet another Transformers, Wonder Woman, Star Wars VIII and Some Shit With Tom Cruise). And while James Gunn and his cast blow plenty of shit up themselves in their almost 2.5 hours, they do it with humor, with meaning, and with a soundtrack that's just as awesome as Awesome Mix Vol. 1.

The word was that 2 was sweeter than 1- and the word was right.  Peter, Gamora and Nebula, and Yondu in his own way all resolve their issues with parents/parenting- and we even see Rocket cry.

There are cheesy parts to the soundtrack- as there were in the original- but let's just spoil that Fleetwood Mac will kick your ass.  Lindsey Buckingham is good at that.


No alarm this morning, either. Three straight mornings of those starting tomorrow. Yet there I was, up just past 7:30 and at my desk by 9.  I emailed the last of the five new filings from the weekend with their Draft So Far, glommed through additional mail, and decided to have lunch at home and even considered a bike ride back to the office since the sun was still, remarkably, out for an entire day.

I hauled out the bike, filled the tires, and began the ride.  The battery on the onboard odometer died over the winter, but I remembered it being right around two miles. Barely three blocks in, my hamstrings started sending signals: Work your way up to this, asshole. And so I detoured back towards home, with a run around the circle coming closer to a mile-and-change the first time out.  I returned to JARVIS and put in an afternoon of intaking yet another BK filing before leaving for the missed Sunday workout, a stop for office supplies, and finally a yummy dinner (thanks, Eleanor) and a semi-clearing of the crap on my desk (thanks, me;).

After getting home, I even mowed the front lawn. Inspiring that was a podcast riffing on a once-favourite podcast, confirming many of the things that caused me to stop listening to it:

There are many reasons for my apostasy, but perhaps this is the biggest: My dog IS allowed in the Dog Park.

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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: May 9th, 2017 03:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
died laughing at Some Shit With Tom Cruise because thats all i remember about that preview too. i just dont want to see him in anything.

i agree the gotg2 was utterly and completely awesome. i thoroughly enjoyed it myself.
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