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One Swim Short of a Triathalon.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
One Swim Short of a Triathalon....
Okay, the run and bike legs weren't regulation. (Marathoners get very upset when you try to relate your shorter-distance running experiences to theirs.)  But still, this is Grumpy Old Guy we're talking about here. So Ima proud of what I got done.

Workwise, this week isn't even a half-marathon compared to last week; it's barely a Fun Run. Early court yesterday, two downtown here today, one more downtown at 1 tomorrow.  And unlike last week, the sun's been out consistently, so it's nice to be running round outside.  Today, though, was the half hour of intensity thanks to screwing up my schedule.

State court at 9:30, Bankruptcy Court at 10. Three blocks apart. Done this dozens if not hundreds of times. I roll in to the first, and find....confusion. No court official present. (Something about "getting her coffee.") Once she arrives, no file.  Turns out Siri betrayed me and it had actually been scheduled in Buffalo for 9:30 yesterday, when I was obliviously in Rochester at a 9:00.

She Without Coffee looks for file, for notes, for everything, as 10 a.m. got closer and those three blocks didn't get any shorter.  Finally, I am released- Well, nothing bad happened yesterday; I'll get back with the date. (She did.The date is June 9th (the morning after an upcoming distance challenge I'll mention at the end of this); the prognosis is good; and I already am in the same building that very morning for something else.)

Still, I have three minutes to power-walk those three blocks, with a metal detector in my way, but I make it, three cases before mine is called, and nobody is opposing.

God, Fate, Time, Whatever? Thank you.


The run portion was short and mostly metaphorical. Biking was real, though.

Two mornings ago, as chronicled here, I came home at lunchtime and took my bike on its maiden voyage of the unspringy spring.  A stiff wind and some stiff hamstrings kept me from going all the way to the office, but at least I clocked maybe a mile round the 'hood.  After returning from court and needing a Fact from a File in the Garage, I came home, ate lunch here, lost the suit, and decided to try it again.  This time, the headwind was from the north: perfect, since the ride to my office has its longest  stretch (and steepest incline) on the southbound part on Harlem Road.  I chanced it- and made it.  On my previous efforts last year, I needed to stop and catch my breath at least once on the uphill. Today, though, I stopped only when dodging cars right before our office driveway made it necessary. 

The headwind was still there going home, but it was downhill. Coast, baby, coast! It's not as far as Eleanor's going on the days (like today) that she bikes to work- just under 2 miles for me, closer to 2.5 miles for her, plus she tends to haul groceries home on the back of her bike at the end of the day (I return with my car to claim my computer, buy wine, etc., etc., etc.). But today's the first day we both biked to work and back and made it successfully.


Neither of us have any real competitive things scheduled for our ever-growing running/biking capacities. But I was invited to a nice-sounding walk today, sponsored by the Presbyterian Church that's also two-ish miles on a bike from our home, where we've mostly attended musical performances they've sponsored:

North Church, along with Muslim Public Affairs Council Western New York (MPAC-WNY), Congregation Havurah, Islamic Society of Niagara Frontier, Network of Religious Communities, and Westminster Presbyterian Church is sponsoring a 4.5-, 3-, 2-, 1-, and 0-mile solidarity walk that will take place in conjunction with its 12th Annual Tent of Abraham event.

The 4.5-mile walk will start at North and includes a stop at Heim Middle School where a shorter 1-mile walk will begin. (Please note ample water will be available during the walk.) The walk will finish at the Muslim Community Center (Islamic Center), 745 Heim Road, Amherst, where walkers will join “The Tent of Abraham” event participants for dinner. Enjoy and e
vening of friendship and conversation of our shared values as we "break the fast" together. Enjoy this ethnic dinner with friends and neighbors.

Transportation will be available, free of charge, after the Tent of Abraham dinner for participants to pick up their cars from Heim Middle School and North Presbyterian Church. Transportation will also be available at the beginning of the Walk at the Church and Heim Middle School for pick-up of non-perishable food items for distribution to the less fortunate. Please do not forget to bring some non-perishable food for distribution.

The schedule for the evening is as follows:
5: 30-5: 45 PM Forming for 4.5 mile walk at North Presbyterian Church
5: 45 PM The walk begins
7: 00-7: 15 PM Forming for 1-mile walk from the Heim Middle School;
7: 15 PM The walk begins
7: 30 PM Tent of Abraham activities begin at the Islamic Center;
8: 54 PM Iftar (breaking the fast) and dinner

Now more than ever, such circles need to be made and be unbroken.  So far, I am free of court commitment that day, and only have those two-in-the-same-place appearances at a decent hour the next morning.  I am hoping to even get a Buddhist or two to join in. It's not strictly a swim to complete the triathalon, but consider it a baptism of kindness rather than of fire.

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