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Seven Random Moments and a Funeral - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Seven Random Moments and a Funeral

Other than sleepydowntime, I've been in pretty nonstop motion between my last post and now.  This won't even hit all of the events of those 30-ish hours, but we'll try to hit the highs.

* Have a Shitty Day!

That's perhaps the most iconic quote from Donnie Hendrix in Orphan Black. Kristian Bruun, who brought that originally-planned-as-a-one-off character into the most important male in the series, has also done other work in the Toronto-area television community. Last year, he appeared briefly as a Parkland Hospital emergency room doctor in 11.22.63.  And yesterday, when I reached a certain point in a certain binge, there he was again in a white coat....

I'm nearing the halfway point of the new Hulu Handmaid's Tale series, and around the halfway point of episode 4, we get the scene where Offred's gynecologist gives her a pre-Ceremony checkout. The camera deliberately obscures his identity as he goes through his motions- until he pauses and says, "I can help you." As in help her get preggers. The curtain obscura rises, and therrrrrrre's Donnie!

I had to stop watching. This was serious brain bleach territory for me. An actor who I associate so much with positives in a scene so full of negative. I texted Emily to make sure she'd caught it too, broke from the living room watch, and decided to resume on an elliptical.


Apparently Donnie didn't make just me sick.

I got to Under New Management And Now We Have Wifi Fitness, changed, turned on my tablet and,.... screenfreeze.  Unfortunately, this is nothing new; my Android has never functioned within normal parameters. This time, though, the freeze was irreversible: I saw a major smash in the lower left of the screen glass, fanning out into cracks going northeast and east from it across the display, and the touch function of the unit was completely gone.  It booted, and gave the start screen, but nothing would unlock the lock, bring up the icons or allow a letter of typing.

How? I still don't know. I did not drop it, step on it, and while I did put it in my gym bag, I did so as I have dozens of times, with the cover shut and nothing of significant weight laid atop it in or on top of the bag.  I don't recall any bumps or jostles on the way there that would have hurled something onto it. I did leave it in a cubby for perhaps two minutes while retrieving some forgotten thing from my car, but unless someone had a real mean streak,....

This particular brand fuses the gorilla glass to the unit.  There are repair youtubes involving sharp knives and power drills. Out of my league.  The choices are (a) a co-worker's go-to place near here where she got her iPhone screen fixed reasonably last year, (b) a Rochester client who was advertising such repairs at the trade show we both went to last month, or (c) surrendering to my own clumsiness and replacing it with a permanent rental through our cell plan which will cost some bucks but at least will provide insurance.


* Not all Doctors are bad.

Once I got home from that with some disgusting Mothers Day chocolate and some odd lots from Wally World, we settled in for the previous night's Who/Class double feature. We're liking how both arcs are going. Capaldi's wit and acting chops got them through what was a fairly routine Saving Shit In Space plot (though the Star Trek riff was epic).  Class continues to develop the relationships between the characters, even finding a hint of gray in an otherwise black-hatted connection between April and her father.


* Buying back your own memories.

In addition to the Mothers Day remembrances I'd posted mostly about mine, I also sent my nieces a link to a picture of my mother, and theirs, from 60 years ago:

By morning, my niece Michele had responded with a remarkable memory of her own. She's a single mom now, with teenage daughters, and they spent much of their Mothers Day working at the thrift store at their church:

 I found a family treasure. I'd donated a book without realizing my Nana had written an inscription inside it in October 1980, most likely after picking it up at one of HER church's Rummage Sales.

The book was Hans Brinker. And this was what mom wrote to her first granddaughter:

I replied back that it was amazingly coincidental- not just that she found her lost memory, but the timing of it for us: 

I was just thinking of mom's time in the Netherlands; we finally saw Fault in Our Stars, which is set for a small but significant portion in Amsterdam, and I wondered how different life would have been if we'd wound up there.


* Phones still work- if people will use them.

That got us to this morning. I knew the 9:30-10:30 hour would be rough- two hearings of unknown duration, in two separate courts three blocks apart. I know, you saw this.  And at least it wasn't raining.

The 10:00 opponent left a message around 8 that he hadn't received something and wanted to adjourn his case again. This time I said no; it had been adjourned at least three times already and it was delaying certain events. So I drew up a quick proposal to resolve things and took it with me to court.  Meanwhile, I just missed the 9:30 opponent leaving his office, and thus had to check in there at 9:30 (he wasn't there yet), scoot up the street to the 10:00- and by 10:30, both of their motions had been withdrawn. So I won. Ish. But not without a lot of running about


* Running about, you say?

Those three blocks were just a warmup. It was time to head into the mysterious world of local geography known as the Southtowns.

The Buffalo metro is mainly on a north-south axis- unsurprising with a lake/river and a foreign country to the west.  I've lived and worked exclusively in the city and northern suburbs, but occasionally I need to travel to Beyond Where Thar Be Dragons.

The wake began at 1. Court and some followup law library time ended a bit past 11.  I had a plan and a Siri.  First, Hamburg.  Their public library has the only system copies of the entire series of Blackadder, which we've watched online snippets of but definitely must binge.  Plus, that meant a drive along the lakeshore, past the harbor, grain elevators, old steel mills and now the Steel Winds turbines.  Quite a nice repast.

Their library, once you find its car park, is bright and active.  It was 12-something when I got my disks and a book to take to cardio (which I hopefully will not smash), so I went out onto the village's main drag.  It was so much quieter and quainter than the comparable road through our nearest village Oop North; Main Street through Williamsville is a road-ragey deathtrap.  But Buffalo Street in Hamburg, perhaps calmed by multiple roundabouts and a lower speed limit, was walkable. And it almost had a 50s quality to it; yoga and aromatherapy places, to be sure, but an oldschool movie palace (Guardians 2, one show a night on one screen), a bowling alley in the middle of the block, and a corner service station that I swear still had a "Flying A" sign on it.  I found a bakery, enjoyed a panini, a Snapple and the view, before getting back on the road to my main reason for coming this way....


* You can call me Ray,....

Next week's Absent Bankruptcy Client was laid out in the shadow of the Bills' stadium, but the sport of the day in the room was auto racing. He'd been a longtime driver at a nearby speedway, and most of the rels were there in race-team t-shirts.

Including the widow. I hadn't told her I was coming, but she saw me, said, Ray?!?, and hugged me. She seemed really surprised I'd come this far.  (Hmmm. She knew I go to Rochester at least once a week.) Then she started introducing me to people, and the light dawned: she'd mistaken me for her brother-in-law Ray, from Florida, who she really hadn't expected to show up.  She was still appreciative of the effort, and I again told her not to worry about anything involving next week's hearing.

Then there was this. Before walking in, I saw this in the funeral home's car park:

It turned out to be the deceased's daughter's car, up from NC for the funeral, and the reference was to Not Him but Na Tasha, of Avengers fame.  Still, odd- at least in terms of what-are-the-odds?


* But wait- we're not through!

I had one more Southtowns stop to make, which went quickly and satisfactorily, and was back at my desk a bit past 2. Yet the running about was not over.  I tracked down someone who absolutely positively had to sign something by Wednesday; I'm out of town tomorrow, and he was available today, so back in the car, and back toward downtown, only with a slide across Best/Summer Streets (passing my second Home of The Bills of the day) to get the document signed. Then back along the Niagara River and more sightings of Canada, stops for a workout and groceries, and finally home just before Eleanor rolled in on her bike.

Not watching anything tonight.  More fun lies ahead tomorrow, but at least I know where I'm going.

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