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Thrills of victories, agonies of de feet.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Thrills of victories, agonies of de feet....
Yeah, de feets hurt.  You get that after another week of running around to six court appearances in four places in two cities (plus udda thingza) and ending it all with a workout with a fairly famous guy.  But this week didn't end with the exhaustion and overwhelmedness of two weeks ago.  It helped immensely having any number of Life's Little Victories to push me on. That's the title of a running comic series by artist Keith Knight.  Here are a few of them.

My one out-of-town trip Tuesday confirmed the essential death of my tablet to unknown causes. The replacement glass alone for it would run $100, before getting into the labor to sever the broken glass from the digitizer and reconnect the whole business. So I resorted to, dare I say it?, books! during cardio; Graham Nash's memoir, recounted in a 70s flashback on World Cafe a few months ago, came home from Hamburg along with the Blackadder disks we've been bingeing, and it's been delightful. My tablet time has converted to watch-scenes-on-this-laptop-time in the wee smalls after Ebony or a cat wakes me up before feeding time. I will replace the tablet in time, but no rush.... but I did achieve Life's Little Victory #517 the day after the Rochester trip:

Lisa, my go-to guru of recent times, succeeded in repairing the color printer which had been Eleanor's, was left for dead until Lisa fixed it a previous time, and was then handed down to Emily, where it remained until it started farting black ink all over her drawings. Eleanor donated her newer printer back to the kid, and we took the older Epson in for further guru-ness. Nothing was promised, but two days ago, a fully functioning Epson was re-delivered to me. It just needed a new print head and some cleaning of cat hair.  The cost? Reasonable. The effect? Priceless.

She also got my backup laptop working again.  No great feats of programming or diagnostics were required. No, she simply baked its motherboard. As in, in-the-oven-baked. Apparently this revitalizes the soldering connections on the thing, and it's back to its smiling happy self- and making me happier and smilier for reasons we'll get to later.


Thursday began with more of a de-feet-ist moment in court, but by afternoon, I was smilier again. We got things in motion to transfer the hybrid car to Emily for realz; she texted me, wanting information about its insurance for work, and I replied that now that she's commuting with it (and maybe using it for work trips), it really needs to be in her name and on her policy.  I took the first steps yesterday afternoon, she followed up with the agents at lunchtime, and I picked up the forms for the transfer after my last court appearance of the week this afternoon. We have an appointment at a Rochester area DMV on Monday afternoon to finalize the transfer. 

It's a big step, but one she's clearly ready for now.


The two final court appearances of this week were four hours apart and both downtown- too much time to just piddle away down there in between, so I headed back to the office and got some stuff done. Including a determination to do less stuff:

Four of the pending BKs got filed between last Friday and two days ago- but the backlog is still pretty overwhelming. Some, I've invested too much personal knowledge and connection into, but one just stood out as a good candidate for some help on: client had filed a previous case, and sent me her "changes" on that petition from 2013 via a bombing of embedded picture files of each page.  My BP was going up just trying to save and print each page. That's when I decided, for the first time in 32 years, to hire somebody on my own dime to help with my own work.

Back I went to Lisa's. We got my backup laptop up and running, the necessary software updated, and the client's bare file entered into it. This one person is now off. My. PLATE! for the foreseeable future, and it feels wonderful. I still have three to fine-tune over the weekend, but that's down from five, and not nearly as much raw work needs to go into any of them. I've even set aside time to take friends to a Bisons game tomorrow- and I ended my workweek a little early and in the accompaniment of a chocolate egg cream from Jerk's downtown (no egg and no cream in it, so don't worry):

Also, they have an incredibly cute puppy over there, so that helps with the stress, as well.


Work done for both of us here, we ended it nicely.  Eleanor heard from an artist friend who's really excited about the drawing Eleanor's been doing lately, and has asked her to think about organizing a show of her work for the first time in decades or ever, depending on the definition of "show."  We went out for Thai food tonight and enjoyed talking about all these victories, little and not-so, that have come to us despite stress, and politics, and the occasional agonies of all four of our de-feets.

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