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Kermit is dead. Long live Kermit! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Kermit is dead. Long live Kermit!
Kermit the Car, that is. Not to be confused with the eponymous frog.

Yesterday was a long one, totally apart from the hour-and-change devoted to getting Emily's car formally transferred to her. Clients at 10:30, 11:30, 1 and 6, plus one who didn't show and many who called.  The day dawned on the road from the diner, where I saw this oddity outside the Catholic church in Clarence Holler:

I speculated that all clients would be required to wash their hands of all guilt before using the reformers.

Despite the backlog of appointments, everything proceeded pretty much on schedule; I used some downtime waiting for the 1:00 court hearing to fill out all the paperwork to transfer the title, and got there a few minutes before our appointed appointment.  Only thing I forgot was to record the odometer reading, so Emily continued with the paperwork and I headed out to write it down, stopping to take one last (or so I thought) shot of the lucky plates on that car which are about to be destroyed:

This was the set originally on Janis, the Cavalier I got for her to drive during college, and which was on that car when it was totaled in 2013 and Em and Cameron blessedly escaped unhurt.  I gave them my then-car to drive and bought this hybrid with the insurance proceeds (and then some); they tried to trash the plates and put new ones on it, but to me they were lucky charms and they stayed on it for the next three years as my ride and for the five months since I got JARVIS for myself and let them "borrow" Kermit until Emily got a new job.

Now that she has one, it was time. The paperwork all went fine, she was given a number in a short queue to finalize the transaction, and I went out to remove the old plates....

one of which, of course (the rear one in that last photo), was completely fused to the hatch and no amount of unscrewing or prodding would get it off.  Fortunately, the auto bureau plaza has an Auto Zone, so I headed over and bought a can of WD-40. They loaned me a bigger tool for the removal job (this happens often over there, as you might expect).  But I'd forgotten to turn my ringer on after leaving court, and Emily came out pretty panicked because she knew none of this, had been unable to reach me- and wound up having to pay the $118 to buy the new plates and register the thing for its first two years.  I told her I'd get cash out to cover that, and met her back at my office. There, further tools and sprigs of the oily stuff still failed to do the job, but then she asked:

They don't have to be in perfect shape, do they?

Hell, no; DMV destroys them as soon as you turn them in.   This opened up greater possibilities, namely, one (1) tire iron.  The top screws remained, but the plate, she came a tumblin' down:

(Some of the bending was from the accident in 2013, but most of it was fresh destruction. Heh heh.)

All that remained was to attach two plates with two screws- those removed when the front plate popped right off.  The new front plate seated nicely held down by just one, but the back one was a little wibbly wobbly platey watey for her drive home until Cameron could drill out the stripped top screws and replace them:

It's tighter than it looks on the outside. And it's now all hers. I took the damaged plates in to be destroyed this morning, and delivered the receipt to our insurance office, so it's now really all hers.

Weird-but-good karma continued. My last client left the Rochester office leaving me just enough time to get to my workout studio's Pittsford location for their last class of the day.  I pulled in, pulled out my bag, went to check for my heart monitor, and found it half-missing- the strap half.  I could've done it without, but I was worried about where I might have left it and/or lost it, so I got home by 8. This was just in time to find it sitting on my desk, but also near the pile of the six Blackadder videos which had to be back in the hands of the Erie County Library by 9 or I'd be looking at $6 per day fine for turning them in late.  I never would have made it to the library in time if I'd done the class last night- and I made it up, with the strap, after returning the plates this afternoon. 

So that last plate picture is quite fitting: things are a little wobbly sometimes, but the important stuff holds together:)

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