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The Flipping of Various Birds - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Flipping of Various Birds
Been a busy few days here. I was out of town on three of the four workdays last week (one only being to the next county, but it still ate half the day), got in four intense workouts in six days ending yesterday, and spent a good chunk of the rest of yesterday digging up ornamental grass in our front garden. Those things are harder to remove than trees; at least they have a visible trunk and rootball to get around.  

Yet all of that was mostly good.  As opposed to the theme that seemed to settle in soon after I last posted anything here- beginning, sadly enough, with one of the sweetest and kindest sports mascots on the planet.

Me, and, Mr.-Mr. Met, we had a thing, goin' on back in  better times five years ago.  But look at what became of him during an unfortunate ballpark altercation last week:

The Onion was fast to embellish this into something far more evil, under the headline "Mr. Met Takes Frustrations Out on Fans."  

The unnamed employee, one of several to wear the oversized head, was stripped of his seams and will no longer entertain fans.  The timing is excellent, since with each passing day the Mets have fewer of them to be entertained.


Two days later, a far more serious bird-flipping occurred, when the Cheeto announced his pullout of this nation from the Paris climate accord.  His speech, his tweets, his later defenders ran the gamut from perpetrating the "It's a hoax!" hoax, to feigning solidarity with coal miners whose jobs aren't coming back anyway, to making fun of Al Gore and anyone else who seriously respects their duty to future generations of life on this little blue marble.

Despite it all, and maybe because of it? The chorus of support for the planet rose- from governors and mayors (even of Pittsburgh, whose citizens this pullout was alleged to favor), to leaders of private-sector players in the energy industry, to several members of Cheeto's own corporate advisory board and diplomatic corps who resigned in protest over it.

The sensible thing would be for the Republicans to recognize their mistake and work to fix it. More likely, they'll just look for ways to prevent states and municipalities and private citizens from complying with the treaty.  Maybe by threatening to launch coal-fired missiles at them or something.


That gets us to today- the beginning of a bordering-on-normal week of activity for me.  Court tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday, no more than  one place at a time and only one out of town.  The bankruptcy rush has slowed enough for me to catch my breath with it (and catch up on some non-time-sensitive cases in other areas).  And a couple new things have come in, and I have been more selective about which I am willing to take on.

Yet the bird-flipping theme didn't kick in until right before I left the office this afternoon. A few weeks ago, a client called about a suit filed against him which I hadn't been sent notice of. He found out because another attorney in town, who trawls foreclosure and similar listings and mass-mails them offers of his services, sent one to the guy.  It's an unusual set of facts in terms of both the age of the underlying matter and the technical law under which the case is brought.  When he called, I found the case online, told him when it was likely to be heard, gave him some options, but made him no promises about outcome.  This, apparently, did not sit well with the client, for today, Trawler called asking for what paperwork I had on the case from some previous preliminaries.  It seems he's willing to "fight for it" in a way that my more realistic expectations and experiences prevented me from encouraging. (I have also found, in general, that clients who insist on you "fighting for it" overlap greatly on Venn diagrams with clients who question the amount of time and money you put into those fights, even if they win but especially if they lose.)

It will cost me some more-or-less anticipated fees for the work not done, as well as eliminating any prayer of getting paid for the little initial work I did on it. But in the end? I was happy to see him go. I don't need unrealistic expectations raining down on me when I'm busy enough as it is. I told him, and will tell Trawler when I get to email him, that I have just one request as part of handing him off to the new guy: that they show me their responding papers so I can make sure they didn't miss anything. I also offered to do that at no cost to either of them.  Because when you get a bird flipped at you, the best response is to flip back two ✌.

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