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Just an Update Before I Go.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Just an Update Before I Go....
Foot's fine. May have been just a strain or who knows what. I'm still hydrating and we'll see if it stays okay.

I'm probably going to spend tomorrow off the grid- partly in anticipation of the hell week ahead, partly because I/we have plenty of media things to catch up on, but mainly, for me, to avoid all the happy and cheerful pictures of fathers who will be flooding the Face for tomorrow's holiday.  I have no such memories, and today's news -that the author of Fatherhood has escaped punishment for his crimes- makes it even worse. 

This rubbish with the Cosby investigation has been going on for going on three years, with this mistrial as the only thing to show for it. I first recalled the connection to that book of his when I posted this in 2014, about how my mother gifted me that book on the occasion of Emily's christening with this inscription:

I kept the picture, tossed the book.  Doctor Huxtable can die in a fire.  See you Monday.

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