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Losing the battle, finding the squishy;) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Losing the battle, finding the squishy;)
Humans 1, Cat 1. For now it's a draw, or maybe a paw?  Last night, I reran the cat fud drill around 2:30- and by 3, Michelle had found the stash, run over to the desk, pawed incessantly and knocked the whole thing on the floor. Nothing spilled, since the lid was still sealed shut.  For her, though, there is no Win, just a choice of losses- and the meal was back in the fridge, she back in the garage, and me back to sleep by 3.  Eleanor's got the patrol tonight- I'm with the kids- but I will also be bringing back the calming spray they used on their kitty, which is non-prescription.

Got here around 6:30- closer to her new arrival time home from the Rochester job. They've decided to renew their lease and have Em do the extended commute for one more year while they save for a house, rather than doing the whole moving-apartment drill in just over a month. I'm hardly one to complain about someone driving too much; here I am for the first of probably two times this week after three trips last week.  Tomorrow's first-thinger is a doozy that is going to make Grumpy McGrumptrustee even grumpier than usual, because of the lack of advance information from the clients.  Then I'm almost certain to be back Friday to try to close my latest adventure in real estate.  I've decided I need to motivate myself against getting into these deals by duplicating those Bad Dog signs you see online. Forget Dog-Shaming; this is what I call Real Es-Shaming:

That's not Friday's. Friday's is worse:

Or maybe I'll just go with a "kick me" sign on my ass.

Today's bankruptcy hearings in Buffalo were much more pleasant. Nice trustee, quickly sorted through the issues and closed out the cases. It's enough to make me want to stay home more often.


Eleanor and I spent Sunday night catching up with the current Orphan Black storyline. A fun return to the yuppie crafty Hendrixes of Bailey Downs, complete with echoes of Alison and Donnie's past indiscretions ("found the squishy" is the newly immortalized line from that) and a rendering of a 60s song that melted everything in sight. After Tatiana Maslany had one of her newer characters killed off last week, it was a refreshing hour of lighter clone fare.

IMDBing Tat's amazing abilities, we discovered tonight that she guest-starred in two episodes of Parks and Recreation which aired on NBC just after Orphan Black's first series and which we watched on Hulu tonight.  She played a doctor visiting Pawnee to save it from West Nile virus- a minor part, but you got early hints of her comic chops.  I am probably also going to have to start binge-watching this thing- along with Bloodline, Fargo, House of Cards and at least three others I started and am behind on.

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