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June was just running out all over.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
June was just running out all over....
It wasn't that busy of a week, but it still managed to get away from me. After my Tuesday overnight with the kids, Wednesday in Rochester went as smoothly as could be expected from Grumpy Guy, and I got back home at a decent hour. No court the last two days of this week, but came back into work Thursday to find a note from a client firing me, an unfavorable decision in another case, and my latest effort at real e-shaming having made only an inch or two of progress. We pushed it much closer yesterday, but "closer" does not equal (or even rhyme with) "closed," so I will likely not know until Wednesday when this thing's going to finalize.

The client who fired me, once I called him, proceeded to walk it all back. He apparently had been put on a BP medication which proceeded to raise his blood pressure to a near-dangerous level until a PA figured it out and got him stabilized.  We will meet next week to figure out where we are.

Yesterday was then full of short-but-stressful moments: having a car come at me as it drove the wrong way down the Tim Hortons drive thru lane (I checked today: there is a "do not enter" sign, but an inconspicuous and non-MUTCD one); Eleanor called in sick after picking up a bug the day before; and I had at least one TMI moment I won't share because, TMI.  Most of the working world took the day off or left early, so little progress got made on anything. Monday will be a weird day: some, but not all, courts and other such offices have taken the day off; one of my offices is fully open, the other fully shut down. Eleanor asked for the 3rd and 4th off, so my plan is to play mostly keep-away on Monday, checking just for mail and any possible schedulings of things for the stub of a week to follow the Fourth.

That gets us to today, which has been decently productive if definitely on the humid side. Eleanor was rejuvenated after the day off and had the front lawn mowed, the dishes done, and a whole agenda of errands planned before my first cuppa was down.  I eventually did my usual Saturday rounds to office, post office and library, made two Wegmans runs (the place is crazy busy but they have their college kids back for the summer and had almost every register open, so no waiting), and got half of the backyard mowed before folding a bunch of wash during the late afternoon Mets game.

Our annual Big House Project is also underway- minor, compared to the kitchen of a few years back, but still plenty of boxes.  For years, we've despaired of only having one light fixture in our entire hallway, and it being too far from where we store our CD/some DVD collection to be able to find anything. Eleanor engineered out a system of track lighting to replace it all down that hall, and by the day I left for the kids' this week, the last of the pieces for it had arrived. Today, she began the preliminary measuring and engineering for the job:

That's where the current fixture is, or rather was- it's now just hanging down looking like something out of a Booth cartoon in the New Yorker. By the fifth, I expect, the new track will run off that voltage and light the whole hall and media cabinet with brilliant and adjustable lighting.

It will also, no doubt, highlight how much the hardwood floors need refinishing. If you give a mouse a tracklight.... This entry was originally posted at http://captainsblog.dreamwidth.org/1495276.html. Please comment here, or there using OpenID.
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