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Some Little Things (And One Getting Bigger) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Some Little Things (And One Getting Bigger)

Wednesday morning, 9 a.m. A little later than Simon & Garfunkel experienced, but a nice way to start a workday.  It had been, as it remained, a fairly quiet workweek, the only court being two phone conferences and a handful of appointments, all here.  Wednesday, I was out the door early mainly to get caught up on things at the office, and when I got to my breakfast stop at Timmy's, it was the usual demolition derby of cars coming at the drive-thru line from three different directions.  I let a car from the primary feed get into the line ahead of me, and that must've been appreciated, because when I got to the window, I discovered that my order had been paid for.  That's an occasional thing, here and elsewhere, and I determined to pay it forward (backward, I suppose), but I haven't been there since. I finally decided to do it tomorrow on our way to the dog park, maybe even leaving a couple of treats to pass out if there's a pup in the car behind:)


That workday then ended with another Little Victory.

Every 20 years, New York State voters are asked to vote on whether to call a convention to consider revisions to the State Constitution.  I began following this over a year ago when my alma mater did a presentation on it. It's now coming up in just over two months, and the Usual Suspects are beginning astroturfed efforts to stop the process from even getting under way. Both major political parties are opposed to it, which tells me it's something I've got to support.  But at least let there be a fair hearing on the issue; opponents have been coming up with all kinds of red herrings and conspiracy theories about what will happen if the referendum passes.

Earlier in the month, I walked into one of our local courthouses, and saw that the security checkpoint's guard station was plastered with bumper stickers urging a NO vote on the proposition.  That both angered and scared me; I know public employee unions have come out against the convention happening, but the implication was that the justice system overall was somehow in harmony with this position. So I wrote to the judge who is in charge of administrative matters for Buffalo and surrounding places, telling her what I had observed, giving her my impression that it was inappropriate at a "literal barrier to entry" to the courts, and saying I would also have been offended by a "VOTE YES" statement in the same place. That letter went out Monday. By Wednesday afternoon, the email arrived: the stickers had been ordered removed "immediately."

Now to see if I get strip-searched next time I pass through there.


Wednesday evening wound up being a little awkward around the house, but it worked out in an unexpected way.

In anticipation of Eleanor's recuperation after surgery in early October, she's been showing me how to cook various favorites each night.  Wednesday was just a heatup of the main course, but she asked me to do sweet potato fries along with them. Long story short: it was too long a story, and by the time I got finished mowing part of the lawn, fed animals, chilled a bit and got it started, they needed to cook and cool for way too long. So she wound up heading to bed and I started watching the Netflix of Mr. Holmes that had arrived.  Moments in, the aged Sherlock's doctor appeared, played by Roger Allam. I then realized I'd completely lost track of the latest series of Endeavour, the Morse prequel in which he plays the future Chief Inspector's original mentor.....

and found that it just started on PBS this past Sunday:)

We streamed it the other night, and it's good to have them back. The writing and acting are at the usual top of everyones' game; the story was filled with homages to past Morse and other events (even a HHGTG reference); and the only sadness was the tribute to Morse's creator Colin Dexter, who passed earlier this year.


As for the bigger thing: this is the latest proposal for our solar array:

That's 32 panels, up from25 in the first go. They did that after a shade analysis which confirmed that the panels would still be effective at the far edges of the roof despite trees in our back yard partially blocking them.  We also confirmed that we will get over a year of interest-free repayment of the portion tied to the tax credits, so we'll have all of this year and next to adjust our tax payments to be sure everything will be paid as needed.


One more week of semi-official summer. My Last Closing Ever, Promise is Monday, and my only scheduled out-of-town next week other than that is for an office party.  There's already some cool in the air here, and baseball season is effectively over (for Mets fans, anyway:P).

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