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Years Go By. And Pigs Won't Fly. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Years Go By. And Pigs Won't Fly.
Tuesday was our 30th anniversary. We celebrated that night at home, and quietly, since we'd both had early starts to the workday.  We watched a film we've known and loved for many years, and have always had the soundtrack from, but which I finally tracked down on DVD the week before-

Wednesday brought the end of an unusual late-season warm spell- Buffalo hitting 90F for the first time all year- and the cooler weather also brought out the cute kitty's nesting instincts. First, she decided to have eggs-


and then figured she'd move over to the salad bar-

(Yes, she's still got her Mets tag, the little glutton for punishment. They mercifully ended their season today with an 11-0 drubbing by an even worse team, their longtime manager kicked upstairs in the organization as assistant to Mr. Peter Principle, and a Cheeto-worthy boatload of press leaks needing to be plugged.  On the other hand, the Bills just won their second straight game over a heavily-favoured opponent, this one on the road, and they lead their division at the quarter pole with a full game lead over the New England Cheatriots.)
By week's end, with more long days for both of us, the time came to pick a place for the actual observance of Number 30. I'd heard good things about This Little Pig- a trendy new place in a nearby strip mall, but one run by a couple with longtime downtown restaurant roots.  Friends had been there, the reviews were all good, and when I googled the place to get the phone number to try to reserve, it offered the chance to do it online through Open Table. We'd have to go a little early, but we were confirmed for a table for two at 5:45 last night.
Until we weren't.   Here's the message I sent them this afternoon:
My wife and I were the couple who you turned away from seating last night despite having a reservation for a table for 2. My first reaction, as it is of so many, is not to downvote you on Yelp or complain all over social media, but we did want you to know that we were really disappointed with the way we were treated at a time when you had at least two open tables.

If you had explained an overbooking situation when my wife first walked in, we would have been much more understanding. Instead, you led her to believe we would be seated, only to bring us both back to the edge of the restrooms before setting up our "table for two" at the bar with a romantic view of the food being prepared. You then tried pitching it as the "chef's table" which everyone else enjoys, so we should, too. It would have seemed slightly more special if another couple hadn't come in right before I did and helped themselves to another of those bar "tables" without any kind of reservation.

This was my first attempt to visit you, and the first I've ever booked through Open Table. I will be dropping the latter as an option, because maybe you would have clarified the situation if we had just called. Instead, you offered us no alternatives other than taking it or leaving it- so we left it. We were fortunate to get a table with no notice at a traditional place in the village, so the night was not a bad experience. Our only hope is you will learn from the experience both in terms of planning your seating and dealing with problems when they arise.

The saddest part for us is that Eleanor is a consummate foodie and your menu was full of fun and interesting things she likes to try and even make herself. For years on our anniversary, we've looked for new and special places, and this one, the 30th, would have been that had you had a place for us.
The "traditional place in the village" was a Main Street mainstay, always busy despite having about five legal parking spaces in its lot and a rambleshack architecture, but it works.  We lucked out when we called right after leaving the first place's (ample) car park; maybe it was because we were going in the waning hours of Yom Kippur when peeps don't eat just yet, but we got right in and had a lovely meal and a lovely time.  We continued our longish anniversary tradition of being very generous to the server who made it special for us (as we would have at the first place if we'd been given a table to leave a tip on).
I sent that message a little before 2; they close after Sunday brunch, so I'm going to give them tomorrow before I Yelp Out on them.
That got us to October, and another anniversary for me. I began my law career in Rochester 33 years ago today. There will be no meals to remember it, but I'm pleased at the things that have both changed and remained the same in all that time. This week gets us close to another transition- by midweek, I will have switched with Emily to reclaim my former larger car, and we will then pick out the wheelchair Eleanor will be using after her foot surgery, which is a week from tomorrow. And then some healing and some relief will be the things we will be looking forward to, rather than back at.

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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: October 2nd, 2017 03:33 am (UTC) (Link)
cute kitty! that sucks that they didnt honor your reservation. happy anniversary.
tilia_tomentosa From: tilia_tomentosa Date: October 2nd, 2017 11:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
What's the story of the Mets tag?

Happy Anniversary! :) I'm sorry that that restaurant was a disappointment, but glad that you had a good time elsewhere.
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