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Like the optician who fell backward into his lens grinder,... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Like the optician who fell backward into his lens grinder,...
...I’ve gotten a little behind on my work. (Some say he made a spectacle of himself. Hiyooo!). I finally have the moment to write, since I’m close to home, sentient, and away from all distractions except this phone. I’m with Eleanor at her first post-op checkup, a week after the surgery.

We think it’s gone well. She hasn’t needed the wheelchair even once, and the Lortabs have stayed in their re-marked bottle-

-so the pain has been manageable. The, um, camping setup has also gotten little use. Her biggest problems have been boredom from being home all day- this is our first trip out all week- and some fatigue after doing too much at times to alleviate the boredom. I’m trying to think of things we can do this week to get her out and about a bit, in the chair if needed. This is a relatively quiet work week for me.

Last week, following the procedure, not so much.

— —

I’d kept Tuesday free, just going in for a few hours to catch things up, but the next three went fast and furious. Wednesday, I had court in three places in two cities- Rochester and Niagara Falls- between 9 and 2. All went okay- the middle one was by phone- but the back road to the Falls took way longer than expected, thanks to a badly advertised truck claiming to be the Expedite Delivery Service, and I wound up way late but nobody cared. Thursday, I got out of Buffalo court at the last minute but still had to be up and ready just in case. Friday 9 a.m. then was back in the same place for the same thing with the same trustee as Wednesday 9 a.m. Client and I both wound up a few minutes late, but again nobody cared. I ended the day resolving a major issue for a client which has been hanging over him since April. (He also paid, which is key with a bunch of big bills coming due through today. I have about 20 bucks to my name until some more payments come in, but we’re all good:)

That client also kept me in town until late afternoon with no fixed appointments, so it came as a nice surprise when my NPR buddy Scott, who saw me post from the area, invited me over to Rochester Public Radio Central for my first-ever tour of the facilities. We began during one of their pledge drives, with Scott (R) pitching while On Air Scott (L, behind the monitor) kept the tunes coming.

I've been a fan of this show for years and got to meet him and lots of the other on-air people I've been listening to on this and other stations for even longer.


Then Saturday, usually a rest day, became my first Platelet Day. It takes about 3 hours from check-in to snackin', but the time went quickly- a friend signed up with me and we caught up on things the whole time- and with no more owies than regular donation. They get a #10 envelope sized bag out of the deal, but there are billions of life-saving cells in there, so it’s worth the wait.

The next wait to donate is two weeks- since they take so little, you can do it more often- so I’ll be back there with my platelet buddy on the 28th. I'll also be up early the Saturday in between;  that's  the morning of the Alzheimer’s Walk that Emily's helping to organize in Rochester- you could see its Frontier Field starting point from the windows of the WXXI studios- and I'll be participating to support the cause.

Later Saturday and even into yesterday, I was groggier than usual, despite doing only my usual Sunday morning rituals of dog park and workout. Maybe the blood drain took more than I thought it would, or maybe it was just getting up and out ass-early four of the previous six mornings plus that one. But today I rose at the usual time without alarm and without any ill effects, and now we're here....

and she's done.  Everything's progressing nicely, the dressings are off, she can shower again (she's even more thrilled about this than I am;), and we don't go back for another two weeks. This entry was originally posted at https://captainsblog.dreamwidth.org/1504208.html. Please comment here, or there using OpenID.


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