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A week (mostly) in pictures (mostly). One even with sound. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A week (mostly) in pictures (mostly). One even with sound.
Saturday night here. We just finished Maudie, the amazing Hawkins-and-Hawke teaming from last year, and we've begun the binge of Stranger Things. But most of things this week from my life instead got captured on the even-smaller-screen wot is my phone.

My last words here were from mid-day Monday. Tuesday was an uneventful catch-up-on-work day where I didn't have to go in early, but Wednesday began early- with me chasing down an opponent at 8 am (unsuccessfully), followed by a workout (more so). I then headed to the office and was greeted by this sight on Klein Road:

So Tom here (or Thomassina, I never really got to sex him) is fairly famous in those parts, even known to chase cars if they honk at him or get too close. And as the day began with him, I ended it at trash time passing this guy in front of a neighbor's house:


What, they couldn't afford a simple burial? (That's not our dear departed neighbor, or her house, btw; that home did sell this week, although we've yet to see who the new people are.)


Thursday was Out-of-Town Day. Lots of Hurry Up And Wait with late and canceled appointments, unreturned phone calls, and much running around in downtown Rochester between 4 and almost 5. Then, though, I had a more leisurely drive to get to night court in an adjacent town. When I missed the expressway turnoff for it and doubled back, I was drawn right in to the area's last-to-be-built, and first-to-completely-die, palace of retail. Originally developed by the local family (and onetime client) who dotted the burbs with others still hanging on to the west, south and east, it was pitched as their crown jewel, the first two-story mall in the region, complete with a historic-looking carousel in the food court.

As it originally said on the fawning sign from the town that once graced the expressway outside it (forced down by the state as an illegal billboard), "Welcome to Irondequoit- Home of Irondequoit Mall."


That's what you're greeted with now. The former Sibleys/Kaufmanns/Macys juts out with its panes falling out. Drive down to the old food court, and the carousel is still there, amazingly; those things are often hoarded and broken up by collectors.


Hungry? There's still a trace of a Ruby Tuesday on the ground floor, but I don't think there's a table waiting for you- or anyone else.


There are other, unphotographed, traces still standing of the failed efforts to revive the property- parking lot arrows for "Medley Centre," the name put on it by an out-of-town developer who sucked the public teat dry with tax breaks that went nowhere, and a big sign announcing "Skyview," the concept put on it by its current owner who bought the whole shitpile out of tax foreclosure for 100 grand. That would be Angelo, one of the former impresarios of "Iron-drequoit-a Dodge," as it was pronounced by their Central Casting Italian mama; he's got some plans to turn it into a call center factory floor or somesuch. I didn't have the time or the bail money to risk going inside, but it's pretty well documented on sites like deadmalls.


Speaking of bail money, from there I had to head to the court itself. I always get a little nervous when a town's Justice Court is in the same building as its Police Officer Station; any hint of judicial independence, not kiboshed by the common address, immediately vanishes when you walk into the courtroom and the biggest signs are for Visa and Mastercard to pay the traffic tickets and criminal fines that go to the town. My case, though, was civil, both in classification and result; my opponent's original papers had gotten lost in the mail, so he had little choice but to agree with me on what we wanted.

From there, one more pilgrimage. I've raved here many times about my favourite record shop in the universe, much closer to my office in that area, but one does not tread on Titus Avenue without stopping at the Great Great House of Guitars.


That montage gives you an idea of the size, the spirit and the clutter of the place. I was never all that fond of shopping for records there, since the staff was notoriously unhelpful to n00bs and also because they cataloged things by label rather than by artist. As that last picture shows, the organization has gone even further downhill since. But they do make efforts when somebody dies:


Fats Domino hadn't acquired a box yet- I'd just learned of his passing that day- but I did find a CD of my first and only Tom Petty album from vinyl days in that box on the left. Eleanor's already copied it onto her computer- it's endearing how many things I've bought or mentioned to her recently that she's come to enjoy, including Kris Delmhorst and the Chandler Travis Philharmonic.

A final stop at the Irondequoit Wegmans that sits on the site of yet another former Sibleys (and I found a fiver in the parking lot, go me!), and I was home just after Eleanor had turned in for the night. But she heard my "awwwwww" when I came in the door, and confirmed that these two had been up to this kind of cuddliness for some time before she said goodnight to them:


Their sister, the evil cat? Off somewhere else being evil.


No pictures from me from the remaining two days, although Emily did text me this one yesterday- her chapter's headquarters surprised them with an unannounced costume contest, and this was what she came up with on short notice:

With no appointments yesterday until afternoon, I slept in (as things go round here- till 9 a.m.), returned the rented wheelchair, picked up Eleanor's handicap permit and renewed the dog's license. That got us, once I got home, to beginning Stranger Things last night, and me to planning on watching some more episodes of The Good Place while donating platelets again at 7 this morning in one of our local mostly-deadmalls. (Pro tip: charge your phone BEFORE going, since you're chained to a blood-sucking machine for over two hours.)

I do owe a What I've/We've Been Watching post about those things, some other good things (all the way back to Orphan Black), and some not-so-hots like House of Cards and Bloodline. At least those won't require dozens of uploads from my phone to the wrong computer (more about THAT, too, someday).

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