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Patronus? Why, we hardly.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Patronus? Why, we hardly....
I am sitting in front of the Niagara Falls courthouse, waiting for them to let people in. I am up this early, thanks to a combination of a ridiculous schedule today and some agitas (which Siri just autocorrected to "algae toss") over computer stuff.

Today is essentially yesterday backward. Yesterday was a morning of sit around and wait for things to happen, followed by an afternoon where everything happened and happened fast. Everything, that is, except the final drive.

I had to wait for a deal from Friday to be officially recorded, and I checked the website for that like an OCD gamer every five minutes until the damn thing finally went on a little after 1 PM. Meanwhile, I got two other messages about things I hoped, but didn’t expect, would happen yesterday. One thing had to be picked up from a downtown Rochester court office and filed in another, while the second thing was a long overdue client finally getting his paperwork and payment together. So now I had just over three hours to get all three things done- check from closing, filing from court, paperwork from client. Of course there were waits. The same clerks office that held up the closing recording past 1 PM also had a line for the filing of the document. Which moved like molasses. After that, I got the check quickly enough, but when I took it to the bank, I got behind the stereotypical “guy trying to cash a check from Sri Lanka using his underwear as identification.”

I still had well over an hour to get back to Buffalo, which is usually plenty of time. Except, of course, when it isn’t. I got stuck behind a car accident that knocked 20 minutes off of my schedule. And despite doing my best to make up the time, when I got off the 90, it was just past 5 PM and I was meeting somebody who almost always leaves religiously at five.

Then I got my sign. Not a stop sign – at least not as such. As I cut through a side street to get to my now-late appointment, I had to slow down for a parade of deer, bopping across the street from one house to another. Three does and a fawn. I’ll take my Patronus wherever I can find one.

After that, I knew I was not too late. Sure enough, my contact was just leaving his office, went back in, gave me all my stuff, and I got home to find that Eleanor had also had some good moments during the course of her day yesterday. Now all I had to do was turn in early so I could get up for three-quarter appearances in just over an hour, in two different places, first thing this morning.

This, naturally, is when the technical problems set in.


I’ve made vague reference in the past to needing to get my laptop repaired. It’s nothing major, at least not yet. I’ve had the thing for almost 2 years, and with a house full of fur, I’ve been finding several of the keys starting to stick. I have attempted to clean underneath them, but I am now missing about a quarter of the alphabet , from keys that popped off during attempted cleaning and could not be put back on. (Go look up “replace laptop key” and you’ll see some fun videos as to how impossible that is.) Even my usually reliable guru couldn’t do it. So I have relegated it to backup duty, until finally getting around, yesterday, to starting to set up a repair claim to either have my newer one fixed or, just as likely, replaced with a gift card for a new-new one. In the meantime, I’ve been using an even older laptop, with a history of quirkiness but a fully working keyboard. (The one I am repairing also has a case problem, where one of the hinges has come unhinged and the power supply to the display is literally hanging by a thread.)

Until last night, the backup has been slow, but serviceable. When I got it home from my three-hour adventure, however, it was clearly in a bad mood, and ultimately it did the thing it does and powered off, refusing to come back on. This has happened before, there are some tricks that sometimes work, but I went to sleep last night not knowing if any of them would. I had weeks of new bankruptcy data, plus all of my daily updated spreadsheets, that would be lost if that puppy were to go.

Speaking of puppies, ours woke me around 5 this morning. Groot* briefly booted, but didn’t stay on long enough to plug in a drive for backup. So I fed everyone, tried ignoring things and trying to not much more than nap, but finally gave in and started at fixing it again. Somehow, I got it to boot, backed up the essentials, and it was fine when I left for court. It’s now an hour later, I have my deal in Da Falls but no judge yet to approve it, and two more matters waiting in Buffalo I’ll be lucky to get to on time.


Noon, now.

No, I didn't make it on time, but it didn't matter. The opposing party didn't show up on either, and this judge required a wait until 10:30 to treat them as "defaults" and give me what I asked for. At least I get to ask him, in writing, whereupon I expect either or both of my opponents will pitch fits.

I now get a whole afternoon today, and a whole day tomorrow, where I don't have to leave the office. The Groot reboot has held, allowing me to finish this entry begun on my phone, and I've called in the remainder of the repair order on the other one and am awaiting the shipping box for them to take it back and fix it.  This is, as they say, all good.


* Groot is my name for the backup laptop, since I got it around the time of the original GOTG film. I even redid his wav files so he answered "I am Groot" whenever coming out of sleep in Windows 7. Since the upgrade to 10, it don't do dat no more. The main laptop, which replaced a Windows 8 one I'd named Tobor, goes by the name Twobor, and if they replace it with a gift card will become Threebor.

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