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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign....
This was one of my first sights heading out into the world on Monday morning, two corners over from our house:

By the time I got home, the sign had been repaired, but the symbolism wasn't lost over the past few days.  Monday proved an exercise in endless frustration. The court appearance I got up early for? Unattended by my opponent. (He faxed an apology the next morning; he had to pick his kid up from college. Could we reschedule for a fourth time?)  The file I wanted to pick up from a nearby office? Not there.  The other opponent who I also needed to speakl with? Also not there.  By the time I got back to work, I understood how the sign felt.

Then, yesterday. I got more done, but not without some aggravation.  Worst of it was a near-fistfight breaking out in my Rochester office- nobody I knew, but still loud enough to grind the place to a halt. Before that, a client I did know got testy with me on the phone, and I repaid at least some of it in kind, which is usually not how I roll.  Then, before day's end, a mutual client of both offices raised questions about something I'd worked hard to finish earlier this month. Temporarily resolving that made it a late night home.

Finally, today. Semi-holiday, with many people out. One who was in, though, was another party to that same transaction, who emailed me mid-day with something very unpleasant. Turned out he simply didn't remember signing something I distinctly remember him signing- and which he apologized for not remembering once I reminded him of it.  I also got to spend close to an hour watching a remote tech person run my backup laptop from hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away to explain why a new edition of a program wasn't working for me.  On the bright side, I did get an email confirming that my real laptop has been received and is "being diagnosed." (Derp- the eight missing keys and the broken arm in the upper right corner look pretty self-explanatory to me, guys!)  I got three bankruptcies as far as my data would take me today, and they should be ready to file next week, when the new forms go into effect.

There's a turkey in the fridge- Eleanor went smallish, but it just fit in the roasing pan. My job is to haul it out and put it in the oven before leaving for the Turkey Trot in the morning. That will occupy me until round noon. We have films to watch and a lot to be thankful for:)

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