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Twobor, we hardly knew ye.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Twobor, we hardly knew ye....
Well, the word came down today from Mount Office: my laptop has fallen and can't get up. Least as far as they're concerned at the repair-or-replace facility. In an improvement over how it worked the last time, they will be sending the replacement gift card electronically instead of making me wait close to two weeks for a physical piece of plastic to show up.

I'm sad for a couple of reasons. One, I got that last one as a dirt-cheap clearance when Offices Max and Depot merged their chains and closed half their local stores.  That machine, at that time, listed for 900 bucks and I got it for a third of that. Just a quick look at the Depot's online ad shows stuff (no Toshibas) that can be had for between 4 and 600. Eleanor's most recent Lenovo, comparable to what I had but lacking an internal CD/DVD drive, was over 800. Plus, given the use I put into these things, it's almost essential I get the purchase protection again, so even with the 300 head start I'm looking at half a grande to get back to where I was a month ago.

And then will begin all the reorganizing. Every program reinstalled from scratch, the backups all restored from five different media sources and two clouds. Getting iTunes functional again (not just for music but for syncing my work calendar) is at least a weekend of work itself.

At least I know I'll be at the end of Backup Hell.  My secondary laptop, with cloud and server accesses, never woke up from its latest nappy-doo. It teased me a few times today, before and during the day at work, but none of its boots stuck and I spent the day with this blast from the past:

Once any given program got going, it was fine as far as its data would take it- but some were way short on what I needed to access (due to lack of cloud access and limited space on the flash drive that is its only way in), and I probably waited two full hours during the day for the six different daily work proggies (Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe, billing and bankruptcy) to fire up. And then there were the random fires- AOL coming out of the woodwork and probably trying to dial up, and the nonfunctional CD drive just randomly popping open every few hours.

I will be enormously happy when this bit is all back to normal.


Our holiday weekend ended nicely. We watched a cool underrated film with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith called Ladies in Lavender, completely distracting me from the Bills game which they somehow won. We then cashed in a gift card that was bigly labeled for Outback steakhouse but turned out to also be good at Carabbas Italian.  We had a good meal with a nice server, an incredibly cute and quiet bebby at the next table, and a lot of relaxing.

Eleanor had two appointments today- one with her PT and a later one with the foot surgeon. Things are progressing, but you know she'd like it to come together sooner. Meanwhile, she's gotten nothing but love for a new hairstyle she's tried out:

Computers are replaceable, but there's nobody in the world like my beautiful bride:)

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