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Way More than 1,000 Words - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Way More than 1,000 Words
I just Facebooked this picture of Zoey, having returned to her favorite and most annoying spot as predictably as the swallows to Capistrano:

The post with that went like this:

You have a whole house, cat. You can bathe and groom and look beautiful anywhere except on top of these 1.2 square feet. So naturally this is where you keep coming back to. And not only did you type three lines of gibberish before I closed the lid, YOU TURNED ON BING. This will not do.

Which is fine, as far as it goes. But I realized, looking at the picture beyond those 1.2 square feet, that it really contains quite a cross-section of my life.  See if you can find all of these items, in various stages of hiding, in the photo:

- The new laptop, on which I just sent off one of my most aggravating projects to its almost-final destination;

- An ancient broken stapler, one of my few tangible inheritances from my father who probably stole it from work, used most recently to hold up the display of the cranky old laptop I had to use for the two weeks before this one showed up;

- A vintage desk lamp, clearly in need of dusting;

- Bobbleheads of Dr. Teeth (a gift from Emily a few years back), former Bison Aaron Sanchez (I have no idea why), and the longtime Red Wings' organist Fred Costello;

- My new wellness credit card from my health insurer, a $250 annual benefit unused by probably three quarters of the people who get it (and only slightly making up for the $1,000 a year increase in my insurance I just got hit with), so ignored by subscribers that they have to put a "DO NOT THROW AWAY" disclaimer on it;

- An external speaker (twin of one just like it at my desk at work here) so I can play music from my phone or Open Tunings while working;

- An old fashioned AM/FM radio, the only way to listen to the Bills' homer broadcasters, who are only on AM here and who do not allow streams of their games;

- A Luna Bar hat won from their formerly affiliated LunaChix running club at a fundraiser last year, atop the fez Emily used for an 11th Doctor Halloween costume and which is still part of my Google identity even though I haven't posted on their social media site in years;

- One coaster, rarely used;

- One can (of two) of canned air, used mostly to combat cats;

- One promotional pen for Orangetheory Fitness, where I torture myself 2-3 times a week;

- One running sneaker, used in said torture;

- One USB printer cable, connecting to a printer so old that when I tried to setup from  its installation disk, it gave me a message about how I would need to upgrade to Windows XP or Vista in order to proceed (I found the Windows 10 drivers online and we're all good now);

- One now-useless power supply; I've since added it to the whole freaking bag of them I removed from various offices and hideyholes over the past few days (Dells have their own, noncompatible connectors). I told Eleanor that instead of Christmas lights, I was going to string these up on the roof:

I think that's it. For extra credit, there are slight corners of one plaque and one hardcover book in that shot, but you'd need to be truly psychic to get those.

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