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A much-needed day off. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A much-needed day off.

By the time I pulled back in here yesterday around 5 p.m., just missing a promised locally-intense lake effect snowstorm, way more than snow had piled up for me. I took inventory of it, in lieu of counting sheep, as I tried to get back to sleep this morning after chow call.

Five out-of-town trips in eight days. Four to Rochester, the fifth to Niagara Falls- somewhat less than half the distance of the other four, but four commitments there, bad roads, and the whole morning shot.

And two of those four commitments were formal court appearances. By the time it all shook out, I had eight of those scheduled this past week over the five workdays, in four different courts in three different cities.  While I did not have to attend all of them, I had to deal with all of them one way or another- even the one I thought I had Friday in Buffalo which turned out to be Thursday in Buffalo at the very moment I was hearing about boob jobs in the Falls.  Fortunately, that one got adjourned without me even knowing it was happening- and all of the others, best as I can tell, went well, or least as expected.

Still. After all of that, and the ways yesterday began and ended, I needed a downtime day, and for the most part, I got it today.


The last of those eight court appearances, which I did have to attend, was in Rochester at 9:30 yesterday morning.  I had a horrid Groundhog Day feeling as I left at about the same time, for the same client, in what seemed to be about the same weather as the previous Friday- sucky.  For that reason, I left way earlier than I ordinarily would have, expecting to have another slow and slippery go on the 90.

I didn't.  This time, the snow was just manageably flurrying, and the pavement was clear enough for me to make good time the whole way to the edge of Rochester proper. I was ahead enough of schedule to detour for five minutes to get gas, since I was getting down to a quarter tank and the forecast for the drive home was for much worse conditions.

Make that ten minutes of detour, because I spent the other five getting road-raged.

As I was pulling out my wallet and opening the gas hatch, a van pulled up alongside me and the pump. In it were two dudes in Bills gear, and the driver was screaming at me for being such a fucking idiot.

Huh?!?  Did I cut him off as I was getting to the pump, or as he was leaving the station? No.  Once he got past curse words of one syllable, he accused me of cutting him off as I was getting off the expressway exit to get to the station.

Again I say, huh?!?  Have you seen what I drive?

Now, that sucker would hold up nicely against your bigass van in a fair collision, but it's not like I'm going out of my way to cause trouble.  I double, triple check before changing lanes. I let people in on general principles.  And, see above, I wasn't in a hurry.  If I didn't see him, I didn't see him- but following me off an off-ramp and a quarter mile down the road to scream at me isn't going to improve my vision or my reflexes.

In hindsight, I was glad I stopped where I did, rather than at my next stop, a street outside the courthouse. Gas stations are swarming with cameras to protect against driveoffs, downtowns not so much- and I fully expect that Likes To Fight Guy would've been more likely to get out and throw down if we'd been there rather than  under the station's awning.

Still, the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.  As it turned out, in other places, as well.


I went from court to office and never left until the workday was done.  Plenty to catch up on, two clients to meet, another testy client in the place raising his voice with (if not at) two other attorneys.  When I finally got on the road, though, I had something else to distract me besides visions of sucker-punches dancing in my head:

Something in my car was burning.

I had no idea what. It was just there,  not getting any worse, and performance-wise, there was nothing in the ride, or on the gauges, to suggest a problem. But it was persistent all the way back to the exit for my local office (yes, I had to stop back there at day's end), and it continued up Harlem Road until I surrendered to the week behind me and the weather ahead and stopped for wine.

That's when I found the answer: in my agitas over Road Rager, I somehow managed to step in a snowbank containing not one but two cigarette butts- and transported them into my front seat floor mats. They weren't lit, but they still reeked of nicotine.  I pitched them from the car before my final leg home, and a therapeutic weekend began right on schedule.


Last night, we watched Everything Is Illuminated- adapted and directed by Live Screiber from a novel about an American Jew tracing his roots back to 1990s Ukraine. Elijah Wood is the only A-list star in the cast and does an amazing job. His primary co-star, playing his guide through the outskirts of Odessa, is Eugene Hutz, who we know from the band Gogol Bordello.

Then, today, whole bunches of needed nothing for me.  I didn't leave the house until just before 5, for a Wegmans run. No work, just a little paperwork.  Organized CDs that were sprouting around the living and dining rooms.  Got ready to watch the Redbox of the night- Atomic Blonde.  The snow never really amounted to all that much, and I have just one scheduled trip out of town next week, and it may be well above freezing again by then.

Monday, we take the final step to confirm installation of our solar panels, and if that goes through, they will be here by the end of the week to install.  There's something fitting about having that done on about the shortest day of the year.

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