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Still tarred. Not feathered, though. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Still tarred. Not feathered, though.
I was yawning my brains out all afternoon.  Seemed odd, after a totally-downtimed Saturday and a not-too-busy Sunday (more about that to come). I woke to a not-too-early alarm this morning, only to find that the 9 a.m. client had called to cancel about a minute after I was up.  We had stuff to do around here (more about that, too), so I worked from home for the morning, caffeinating as I went.

Or so I thought. This was still in the microwave when I got home:

(Yes, that's my Helena coffee mug from Orphan Black. You cennot inhale caffeine. Or pork rinds.)

So after that unconsumed quantity, I think I went the whole afternoon with only one more cuppa. No wonda.


Got some work-work done, in between assorted phone calls and emails, and took numerous swings at clearing ice from our front steps now that it's begun to thaw a little out there. But the main task of the morning was finishing the financing for our solar panel project, which is tentatively set to be installed on Friday.  We got word last week that it would be confirmed as soon as the financing was approved- the financing I thought we'd already applied for. Turns out they don't do the financing step until the structural analysis verification comes back to make sure there are no additional costs before applying.  They kinda forgot that step, but we  called it in on Friday, giving them the contractor ID, project type, loan amounts and some information about our ownership.  Then they asked for the name of the panel manufacturer- which was not on the list of what the contractor told us to tell them- and the one we gave them was not approved.  I called our contact, who's generally been very good, and he got Solaria added to their list. Said we could either reapply once the bank's computers had updated to include it, or else apply with the name of an approved manufacturer we aren't using.  No, I told him- with this amount of tax credits involved, I want every i dotted and t crossed, so we did it this morning....

and again faced the Eternal Curse of the Self-Employed.

The numbers worked, they said, and they were fine with Eleanor's information, but they wanted to see one of my recent pay stubs from the Rochester gig (no problem, I hoard those), and my 2016 tax return to prove my self-employment income.  At least they didn't ask me for a CPA to write three letters proving that I exist, as happened a couple of refinances back.  I suspected the return wouldn't be on this laptop, but I knew what folder I put it in on my external drive.  Not there.  Nor were the data files for Turbo Tax itself.  Not only would this screw up this application, it would make doing taxes for us and the kids incredibly start-from-scratchy in about a month. Fortunately, I found them: I'd switched tax software for a couple of years and returned to the original program for 2016, but stored all the stuff in the Company2 folder because that's where the 2015 info was.  Everything got submitted, approval came a little after 1, and while we're still waiting on word about why they jiggered the two components differently than originally proposed, the dollars are identical and we should be good to go for Friday no matter which way they do it.


Having access to those taxes is also important for another big reason. I've hinted at some News in prior posts, but now it can be told:  Emily and Cameron are leaving for Virginia. This weekend will be his last here, as he begins a new construction job with his uncle (his dad's twin brother) in Lynchburg right at the first of the year. Emily will follow him down at the end of next month.  Moving will be in stages; Scott, his dad, is obtaining a truck for most of their stuff, which will go down next week. Em will spend January downsizing and they will figure out if they can get the rest of it into a combination of her current car and a trailer.

We discussed the finances of both the move and the early termination of their lease up here, and while it's a difficult time for us to put significant cash into those items with Eleanor's extended disability time, I did figure out one way I can help financially.  For years, I've done both of their taxes, so I encouraged them to get me their info for the year as soon as they can so I can get their returns done, and their refunds sent, at the first opportunity.  It may not be all they need, but if past years' refunds are an indication, it'll take a lot of the pressure off.

This news became public when Emily gave her notice at the Alzheimer's Association last week. They're giving her until the end of next month to wrap up her work at their chapter in Rochester, and she's already looking for opportunities where they'll be going. It's a college town, although one of those colleges is Jerry Falwell's International House of Jesus, and there's an Alzheimer's chapter there, if both they and she can find something that will work out for them.


So that's the news to come. That leaves yesterday to account for- where I again left a damned cup of coffee behind in my travels.  This trip, following our usual morning dog park run, was to the west side of the city for a  birthday brunch for our friend Ann.  Friends of hers live in a beautiful restored house between Delaware and Elmwood.  Plenty of plant life in a loft above their second-floor living room-

- and among her friend Mike's many photographs was one they took of one of their more unusual housepets: Mr. Fly.

Mike also held forth with all kinds of stories, from Buffalo politics to Brooklyn pizza and bagels (both of the latter stories punch-lining with cracks against Panera- whose bagels, according to Mike's 92-year-old Aunt Florence, are "fucking bread donuts").  It was a nice gathering at holiday time which wasn't subsumed by The Capital-H Holidays.  I got home in time to see the tail end of the Bills game, and we then watched the DVD of Atomic Blonde, a blood-curdling romp through the last days of the Cold War.


Two holiday parties for me this week, only one day away from here, and hopefully better memory of where the hell I left my coffee cup.

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