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The Solar Express, only running more like the Local.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Solar Express, only running more like the Local....

We were more or less snowed in all day; not that much piled up, but it was heavy and wet and we really had noplace we needed to go, so we just stayed in. I watched a rather bad movie I wanted very much to like- novel written and screenplay co-written  by Dave Eggers, starring Emma Watson, and with Karen Gillan and Creepy Tom Hanks in the cast; it's called The Circle, it's clearly depicting the evil-if-thinly disguised dark side of The Google, and it just didn't work, either for me or the Rotten Tomatoes crowd that gave it one of the lowest ratings I've ever seen on a film.

That's about all to report from today here.  The past three days, though, we had men on our roof. The call came late Tuesday; our solar panel installation, approved for financing earlier in the week and scheduled to be done yesterday, would begin Wednesday morning!  In anticipation, we moved both of the cars out to the street:

Here, Zoey eagerly anticipates the arrival of the work crew. (Or more likely, she's saying, get your ass out there and fill that feeder so I can watch kitty television.)

They arrived around 11, after I'd left for work.  I came back home while Eleanor had a PT appointment in the early afternoon, but they then knocked off for Day One with the beginning of the grid installed:

They returned Thursday, but I never got to see how much they got done, because I was away the entire day and into the evening.  I had two Rochester court appearances, at 10 and 3, the latter followed by our holiday party at a client's restaurant on my way home.  The early one was short but annoying; some kind of security breach was reported, so even the attorneys who usually bypass the metal detectors got the full frisk-down treatment, complete with having to give the deputies your wallet and your belt. The late one ran way longer than I expected it to, and I briefly lost the client's original documents, finding them only when I ran back to my car to feed the parking meter. But the evening food and festiveness made up for the distractions of the day.

Again Friday, they were here a good amount- I wound up switching cars with Eleanor mid-morning to get to my office and downtown because their trailer and ladder blocked mine into the garage- but by the time I returned for good at the end of the day, I couldn't really tell how much they finished because the snow had begun- and it pretty much continued non-stop until a couple of hours ago, when our service finally came to plow our driveway out.

They return Tuesday, and we expect it to be all done by the end of the year.  The next two days will be quiet- the kids will be around, but Cameron will be doing a lot of good-byeing as he's the first to leave for Virginia next week- and then I'm back at it with three appointments already scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday and a couple more out of town on Friday.  And it's predicted to be cold and snowy the whole time.  But every day, the day now gets longer, and for the first time, we'll actually be powering our home from that blessing:)

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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: December 24th, 2017 12:30 am (UTC) (Link)
yay for solar power! i'd like to do that someday. the cars look like a nice matched pair. and hope zoey gets her kitty tv, hehehe.
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