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Loose Ends on a Sunny Christmas Day - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Loose Ends on a Sunny Christmas Day
* We went to the cinema last night, taking in Guillermo Del Toro's Shape of Water. One of the best films we saw all year, with creativity, humor, minimal and manageable gore, and an awesome vintage soundtrack.  If Sally Hawkins doesn't get an Oscar out of the deal, she wuz robbed.

* Before the film, Emily stopped over (Cameron was busy with seeing both of his fams for the last time before leaving for VA tomorrow with most of their stuff already packed up), and we stored some stuff for them in our attic.  She's down to minimal furnishings and whatnots for her final month in  New York- hers and their cats', who will all head down to join Cameron at the beginning of February- and she expects to have her things down to what she can fit in her car by the time she packs up Palmyra for good.

* With the full days Saturday and today not even leaving the house, I got the chance to see how much So Much Winning we'll be doing under the new tax bill.  Short answer: not bloody much. A quick run of the same numbers through the wringers (taking out one-time variables like this year's big tax credits for the solar) show our preliminary total bill for 2018 going down by about 1200 bucks, so, big whoop on the monthly Benjamin!  It might've been more, but we are getting nicely screwed by a change in mortgage interest deduction: the new law, from 2018 to 2025, doubles the previous standard deduction but disallows interest deductions on new mortgages to a still-high level that doesn't affect us.  The screwing part is that the change outlaws any deductions on home equity mortgages, even ones already in place.  That's what we refinanced into last year, saving us all kinds of closing costs and monthly expenses for mortgage insurance- but now, none of it is deductible.  Thanks, Cheeto! And, since state itemized deductions track the federal ones, we'll be limited to the now-much-lower state standard deduction, too.

* Speaking of being screwed, the Bills got jobbed on an instant replay review just before halftime of yesterday's game, and they immediately lost momentum and eventually lost the game.  Every other team that needed to lose to help them, won- so next Sunday's regular reason finales for them and their competitors, all played at 4:25 in the afternoon, will decide whether they will finally break the longest post-season drought in major US sports.

* Just about all giving around here came in cards- we gave movie and game gift cards for the kids, and got cards for Barnes & Noble (thanks, Donna:) and coffee (thanks, Ann and just about my entire office).

* Both of my offices are officially closed tomorrow, as are courts and at least some offices.  I have two appointments here, rescheduled from last week, and the solar guys are due back, assuming they can get all the snow off the roof to finish things up.

* As for today, my only plans are to do some shoveling, maybe meet the couple who moved into Betty's house last week (and possibly their dog, who I've heard but Eleanor has briefly seen), and cue things up for the final Peter Capaldi Doctor Who episode at 9 tonight (unless otherwise "found" sooner). 

ETA Found. Looks awesome. One other good bit to share: Ebony's gone two full days without her Cone of Shame. We put it back on her after the antibiotics and anti-itchies ran out and she started picking away at one spot on her belly, but she showed restraint to and from the dog park yesterday so we left it off, and other than putting it on while at the film last night and again overnight, she's left her itchies alone.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Monday:)


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