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The Sun, the Moff and the Star Wars.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Sun, the Moff and the Star Wars....
Hopping a bit forward and back among days of this week:

The solar panels are all in. On, I suppose.  The inverter and the other gizmos are on the cellar wall, awaiting some finishing touches over the next few days. All that then remains is to get the town to inspect it (and everything else in the house to be sure we're still up to code all the way round), the utility to interface it with their existing meter, give it a fresh cup of really hot tea… and turn it on!

Despite it being witchy-titty cold out there the past several days, the sun's been constant during the day in these parts (not so much just an hour and change to the south), and we can practically hear those panels shivering.... but with


Each of the past three nights have had a little bit of the Doctor.  Monday night, we watched "Twice Upon a Time" straight through. Last night, we returned to the BBC America recording of it to re-watch some of the final moments, including Capaldi's brilliant final soliloquy-

- and then tonight we watched the aftershow, with on-set film of everything from the episode's read-through to a lot of retrospect for both Twelve and Moff. A bit on the self-congratulatory side, but nothing they weren't entitled to after their twelve and four years of work on this legendary series.

Some mostly non-spoilery thoughts and questions:

- Is it time to start counting David Bradley as an official Doctor?  I can't think of any other actor who reprised a prior version of the character for more than a few seconds.  Counting An Adventure in Space and Time, he's now logged close to John Hurt's time in the role.  So, Plus-One? One-A? Filch Doctor? Work with me here.

- Does the TARDIS have to be flying in order for a regen to be completed? Because, as somebody keenly observed on one of the recap sites, you'd think they'd have figured out that between the Doctor's memory getting swiss-cheesy and/or the ship reacting badly to the new owner, they'd all stand a much better chance of not crashing into a sun if he (or, next time, she) just did it on the bloody ground.

- Perhaps the neatest twist of the whole episode was throwing a new kind of adversary at Our Hero- one who turns out to defy the adversarial definition.  I suspect we'll be seeing (and/or seeing through) more of them in the next series....

- Which, I've read, will consist of fewer but longer episodes.  It's hard to believe that the special itself clocked in at just about dead-on 45 minutes, given that BBCA milked it for two whole hours.

- I never knew that episode director Rachel Talalay is United Statesian.  She did an awesome job with this one, as well as the finale which preceded it and many others during Twelve's run.

- Nice, if brief, homage by First Doctor to those other two adventures in space-if-not-time, riffing on Logic and Force one after the other.

Which brings us to....



We've seen some amazing films, home and away, in the past few weeks, but have been putting off the latest Star Wars saga. Eleanor has had issues with over-Blowed Up Stuff, visual and even more noise, with some of the blockbusters of the past few years, so tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking one for the team and going to pre-see a matinee of it on my only.  The timing works out: I've had relatively little to do at work the past two days and only one late-morning appointment in my office here tomorrow, and I finally got scheduled for my car's inspection and getting snow tires put on JARVIS's rear end.  The tire place is a few blocks from the cinema- likely a few frostbitten blocks tomorrow as the past few days, but I've got my Outdoor Hockey Game touque and winter boots to fall back on.  I could've done 3D or Liemax, but I don't think I've seen any of the eight previous editions in anything other than standard, and it didn't hinder the good ones, nor would it likely have helped the prequels.  If the Force is with me, they'll have the car ready to wrap just as the film is getting out.

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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: December 29th, 2017 03:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
yay for solar panels!
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