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In which Hell reverts to its usual temperature.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
In which Hell reverts to its usual temperature....
The mercury here has passed 20F just now, for the first time, quite probably, in all of 2018. Fitting, because within the hour, the Bills were eliminated from playoff contention- so there is no longer any reason for hell to be frozen over.  The team gave it a good run, and the outpouring of good feelings around here, exported to Northern Florida for their game this afternoon, will carry over despite the loss today.

Beyond that, 2018 has been mostly behaving itself since my last report.  Whereas we worried, on the 1st and 2nd, that Eleanor would be off from work even longer on account of the knee problem, by the morning of the 3rd, she was feeling better in that department and cleared to go back to work. Which she did, the next day. It wasn't without pain and aggravation- the latter because she's assigned to their cafe area, where people are less likely to bring her orders that will exceed her weight limit- but she's optimistic that she will get through this with some reasonable accommodation from the company and continued PT for all the things needing to be healed.

We got this news when we went to our doctor first thing Wednesday morning. That was the beginning of a Very Long Day which ended with us pulling in our driveway about14 hours after I left it for the first time that morning; I'd scheduled stuff in Rochester for that afternoon, but the real reason for the journey, for both of us, was to take Emily out for her birthday for the last of them we're likely to share with her in an adjacent area code.  She picked a delightful crepe restaurant in a nearby village, and we shared both entrees and desserts in the pan-flipped format. Cameron had been at the new job for about a week by then, and by all accounts he's doing well at it.  She has not found work there yet, but irons are in various fires and she's hopeful of having something in place by the end of the month.

My first workweek went decently- no court (hell, with the cold, I never threw on a suit the whole week and was in sweats in the office on Friday because my other pants were all stiff from the cold and salt splatted on them), no particularly bad experiences, and some potential for getting and resolving some things by the time Friday rolled round.

Friday night finally did do just that, and Eleanor and I kept a promise to visit the Albright-Knox gallery. Their First Friday events are free and usually add special events to the usual fare- and only in Buffalo can you get a full house on a Friday night when the temperature outside is 3 degrees F.

It stayed brutally cold yesterday, so I mostly puttered, mostly inside, save for a quick run out for groceries and cardio.  During the latter, I continued my recently-begun binge of Netflix's The Crown, which I'm really enjoying; the cast (which includes John Lithgow as Churchill, and Matt Smith as the clueless Prince Philip)  have gone through the first two episodes with flying colours.

Temps were still uncivilized at our usual dog park time this morning, so our group bailed and I almost slept through my Sunday morning workout. Unfortunately, one person did show up at it, who wound up walking off with another member's coat- and with it, her car and house keys.  The front desk staff did an awesome job of calling every person in the class to try and find the source of the mistake- but lots of their numbers on file (as mine is) are probably long-gone-or-ignored landlines.  I hope she found her way back home.  After the Bills game was essentially over, I gave Ebony her makeup trip to the Parp!, and while we only saw Ann and Ursula briefly, it was good to see them, since the dear dog is doing much better after her fall through the ice back last week. Ebony got an awful lot of alternative love from other humans; I can't remember being asked so many times about what kind of breed she is, or how much of a puppy she still looks like.

Tomorrow, there may be an actual thaw.  I have a long day in Rochester, with plenty of court to follow over the next several days, but at least I'll get to wash the salt mine off my car at some point, and it's only another month or so before pitchers and catchers report:)

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angledge From: angledge Date: January 10th, 2018 08:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
The Eagles should flunk out of the playoffs on Saturday & then I'll be right there next to you, counting down the days to baseball.
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