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In...the bleak....mid...winnn...terrrr..... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
In...the bleak....mid...winnn...terrrr.....
That's not particular depression on my part, but that hymn has come up in two different Netflix series I've been watching lately.  Compare and contrast- 1920s:

-and 1950s:

Been almost two weeks since my last words here. Alive; mostly well; busy, obvsl. In that time, our solar panels went online and, until last weekend's return to wintry times, had begun generating all but about six kilowatt-hours of our home's entire energy needs.

Work's been on-and-off intense.  A major hearing yesterday got postponed despite Congressional crap making it very difficult to do so; another can got kicked down the road this afternoon; and then there are consumer clients.  One of them called me yesterday, leaving a voicemail which said he had "a couple questions about the previous bankruptcy."  But that's not what Siri heard:

I like you too, dude, just not that much.

Tomorrow will be my second snow-filled trip at ass o'clock in three days for hearings in Rochester. Yesterday's went fine; tomorrow's will be five minutes of actual sentience surrounded by three hours of knuckle-crunching agony driving in and out.  At least my opponent hasn't professed his love for me.  Yet.

More after tomorrow. Good night and have a pleasant.

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