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Calm In Between Storms.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Calm In Between Storms....
It's been a relatively quiet couple of days, and much-needed at that.  This calm follows a couple of pretty busy workweeks, and also some nasty weeks of weather where we endured stupid cold, followed by a thaw, followed by a nasty run of snow. Nothing to bring Buffalo to a halt, mind, but a bitch to drive round in, and, worse, put our solar production down to nothing for several days.

Then, Saturday morning, I was awakened by the sound of major snow turds sliding off our roof, and just like that, we were back in production!

And neither Saturday nor today seemed all that sunny, plus the days are still among the shortest of the entire year.  I feel we're accomplishing something damned good, and we beat the Cheeto's decision this week to impose a stupidly large tariff on Chinese panels, which now comprise most of the market until US facilities like Elon Musk's new one here get up and running.

No major weather has been forecast in the days ahead, but the other kind of tsunami is building for me.  In the first 3-plus weeks of 2018, I've only filed one bankruptcy so far, but the pipeline is getting plenty full.  Two first appointments tomorrow, following one yesterday, following one-and-a-half on Monday (referrals from the same attorney- one of whom has been in, the other, we'll see), and at least six, by my count, in various stages of preparation and payment after meeting with them earlier this month or even last year.  I also picked up a potentially major bit of collection business acquired from a neighborhood message board, of all places.  Although I'm only out of town one day this week, next week it could be as many as three, plus a longish trip for both Eleanor and me to our doctor on Wednesday morning.

We were pleased with the Oscar nominations from earlier this week. Shape of Water and Lady Bird figure prominently among all the major categories, and Loving Vincent stands an excellent chance of getting the nod for best animated film.  Still a few we want to see for the first time, especially Three Billboards, but we've been lucky with what we've gotten the chance to check out.

Closer to home, we've gotten back into the Slings and Arrows series, which has held up beautifully over the years.  Cue the bleats, indeed.

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