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Moving Right Along.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Moving Right Along....

Emphasis on "moving." This is Emily's last week in the state of her birth. It ends with her final walk-through at their now-almost-empty apartment, and then she and their cats will be over the state line with no fixed plans ever to return.  I 'd hoped to see her one last time sometime this week, and with us having no fixed plans to go south to visit, it would have been the last time for a while. Alas, not to be: I tried getting over to her offices on her last workweek, but her schedule and my court shit didn't permit it today- and while I thought she was here through Friday, she will actually be walking-through and heading-out the previous day, when I will be here.

We will miss them. We will worry about them. But we will be filled with hope for them. It's more of a move than I ever made in  my own lifetime, or Eleanor in hers.  They'll be okay.


I've also spent significant time in the past week dealing with electronic filings and payments- and breaking my neck trying to either give money to people or return money sent by them.

The solar panels are running fine.  The financing, not so much.  As of the middle of last week, we had not received the loan documents. There are two sets- one for the short-term financing based on the amount of our tax credits, the other paying off the balance over six years (with payments close to what we expect to be saving on our electric bills).  By Thursday, Eleanor had gotten her set- and only she could sign the copies sent to her- but mine were AWOL.  The installing company, which has always been quick to respond to me by email, could not confirm with the bank that they were sending mine to the right address-


I couldn’t confirm your email address with [bank]since it was “sensitive information”.

-forcing me onto a call to them in Utah with music on hell hold while I was at work, finally getting them to confirm they did, indeed, send to the wrong email address.  But not to the wrong name before the @ sign- I'm used to THOSE mistakes. No, they only misheard one of the most common email domain names in the whole country, and instead of sending to roadrunner dot com, it went to logrunner dot com.

If you've seen the final scene of Dexter, you realize what a bad mistake THIS is:

Finally, though, the damn thing showed up. Thing, singular- only the short-term loan papers. Which I clicked to sign, but could not find a link to click to sign the six-year loan on my account after setting it up.  More emails and calls today, and I think I've now signed everything I needed to, but who knows?  Meanwhile, I've entered all the tax credit information and it seems to have all passed at least the tax software's tests.  Those credits will eat all but a couple grand of our 2017 tax liability, so that's a good thing.

The other adventure in payment came through an online court filing system. Federal courts have had their own for years, but New York has been slowly phasing it in; Buffalo's had it mandatory for a few years  now, while Rochester is allowing but not yet requiring it.  Earlier this  month, I filed a case there, and overpaid a filing fee by $45.  They rejected the filing due to the overpayment.  I tried correcting it and failed- and meanwhile, the case wasn't getting assigned or processed. Finally, after talking to a very nice county clerk employee who advised just starting over, I discovered they had refunded the complete $350 filing fee (the correct total was $305, hence the $45 difference).  Only problem is, they refunded the $350 twice.  I figured it would eventually rectify itself, but it never did, so I went in to their office in person today- lines backed up to the rafters by angry gun nuts who don't want to recertify their pistol permits because, Second Amendment- and actually got the clerk I'd spoken to on the phone- who insisted I'd paid twice and thus was properly refunded twice.  I'm waiting until I get my formal bank statement disproving this nonsense, and am then sending a copy of it, along with a check for the refund, to her attention.  If she still refuses to take my money, I'll make a donation of it to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.


Friday, I met another attorney over a brain-eating case of mine, and then decided to improve on  both the real food and the food for thought. His office was across the way from a Rochester strip plaza we've known for years- longago home to a General Cinema theater, a Scotch & Sirloin, and many other long-gone institutions.  But two tenants have remained there forever after both starting out near each other in our former Rochester home town of Brighton- Cerame's Italian Villa and Fox's Deli.  It was too early in the day for pasta, so I met up with friends from the old neighborhood for an egg cream, an Everybody Loves Ryeman deli sammich, and some advice on another adventure we're about to embark on:

cutting the cable cord.

Those same purveyors of the Roadrunner email address also charge us an obscene monthly amount for a ton of tv we never watch.  How much of the obscenity we will save remains to be seen, since the whole bill bundles those services with our internet and I'll probably need to keep the latter, at least until I change my email domain.  Their website is hopelessly unhelpful- lots of clickies if you want to upgrade service or add a cable-line phone, but downsizing? For that, you have to call 1-800-MUSICONHELL.  So I'll be paying a visit to their nearby location, probably with disconnected cable box in hand, once we get the new system in place.

Which is what, exactly? That's what my deli trip got us started with advice on.  All the adverts in the papers are pushing "smart TVs" with built-in turnkey connections to Netflix and other streaming services, but our friend Scott recommended going at it from the opposite direction: selecting a cheaper "dumb TV" that's really not much more than a monitor, as long as it has plenty of ports to input other devices, and then adding to it the following-

-a not-cable-box that essentially works as one using over-air digital TV signals and inputs of streams coming through our internet.  TiVo makes one; this is another.

- a set of speakers- think "surround sound in a box"- that does the heavy lifting for the audio portion of the system, either wired or wirelessly connecting.

- and possibly keeping the DVD player/recorder we already have, or an upgraded one, to record things we watch from over-air and to play both DVDs and CDs (Eleanor tried out the player with a Lowest of the Low CD last night,  and the boys sounded just fine:)

The dumb tv, not-cable-box and surround speakers seem to be packageable for under a grand.  My hope is we'd save that much on Speculum bills the first year alone.  They'd replace the fairly ancient pre-digital TV we have (which only connects through 80s-era and earlier cables) and the rickety stereo rack that features dual cassette tape decks and about 800 feet of wires going in multiple directions.  All we'd be losing is radio reception, but most stations stream now and we'll be able to feed them to the new audio from laptops or even phones.

We will, however, have to give up getting to watch Mets and Sabres games.  I can't say either of them will be that great a loss.

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