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Never Give Up, Never Surrender! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Never Give Up, Never Surrender!
Nah, f that.

We had a plan for the morning- to fix our own shower faucet, having been tipped off to the secret of how to do it.  I got the water shut off (thanks to valve shutoffs we now know were installed in March 2000, same time as the current turn-the-dial Moen faucet went in), while Eleanor worked at beginning what Youtube said was an easy peasy process to replace the balancing valve cartridge inside it.

First: remove the screw holding the handle on to the gizmo using an Allen wrench.

Or, in our case- last: give up trying to remove the screw holding the handle on to the gizmo despite our best efforts with three different sets of Allen wrenches, when it seemed impenetrable to our prodding.

Seventeen years of mineral buildup make those screws pretty damn permanent.  My efforts were only likely to strip the damn screw, so Eleanor toyed with the idea of drilling it out, but by the time I found all the bits and bobs for that job in the cellar, she asked (and I agreed) if it was best to leave well enough alone for the time being.  The faucet still works, does not leak, and oddly, our hour of efforts literally jiggling the handle (literally a good name for a band), and/or the WD-40 we sprayed all over it, wound up making the faucet work better- at least for now.


I spent the rest of the day getting through much of my annual ritual of computing my business income and expenses for the year just ended.  Using the hand-written checkbook entries, copies of deposited checks and the previous year's bank statements, I magically create our tax return's Schedule C for my law practice.  By the time I ran out of gas and Eleanor had made her third and final trip to the hardware store to return the useless last set of Allen wrenches, I'd gotten through the first nine months of 2017, with the numbers all balancing along the way and with only one or two transactions where I couldn't remember who-t-f the actual client was. That could be a sign of early dementia, but I suspect it's more likely caused by just having been significantly busier last year with many more one-time clients.

Once she returned from that trip, we were off on the final run of the day.  We'd been planning a Rochester trip tomorrow, to see an artist friend of ours at the opening of her current show in a downtown cinema gallery.  But by mid-day today, we changed that plan; openings are the worst time to spend quality time with the artist, so Phyllis promised to meet us for a just-us tour of the exhibit (staged until early March) whenever we could both make it.  Freed of that commitment of time and probably of dinner on the way home, we turned it into a night out tonight.

For dinner, we settled on an Asian fusion place I'd never heard of before, but which is almost walkable from home. The menu fuses Thai, Burmese and Japanese cuisine, and we ordered some of each; Ray even ate sushi, even if it was of the fried variety. Much of it wound up destined to be tomorrow night's dinner, since we had tickets for the only nearby showing of the evening of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Wow.   I'm still putting my Best Actress vote with Sally Hawkins for Shape of Water, since she pulled that role off with no spoken dialog; and Greta Gerwig still impresses slightly more for Lady Bird because of the newness of much of the cast she worked with as a director; but this film's writing, cinematography and soundtrack are all among the most amazing we've seen in any year.

Woody Harrelson has come so far since the Cheers bar, and Sam Rockwell is galaxies above where he was in Galaxy Quest, which brings us back to the header of this post....


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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: February 5th, 2018 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)
faucets can be immensely fidgetty to replace parts for. sorry yours didnt cooperate. did you need a faucet puller tool?
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