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Things Not Working. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Things Not Working.

So I’m in court. With a judge. Blogging. Because my opponent has, for at least the fourth time, chosen not to show up. The previous three were with a different judge with no authority to do anything but kick it over to this one. She’s not being so kind, and if he’s not here in 15 minutes, I have her authority to move to default him.

This is consistent with how this week is going.

Yesterday, it was my own client who didn’t show-  despite getting two separate notices from me and the court to do so. I told the trustee, "which do you want, the 'he's sick' excuse, the 'he forgot' excuse or the 'we have to adjourn anyway' excuse? Because they're all true."  We adjourned anyway. Then I got to catch grief from an off-duty trustee for not wearing a tie. I thought about asking him to tell me when he gets promoted to sergeant on the Fashion Police so I can come to his party.

(Apparently my opponent is on his way. Good times.)


After I got back from THAT cluster, I resumed my job as a full-time IT consultant, dealing with the fact that my iPhone decided over the weekend that it didn’t want to play nice anymore with the Outlook calendar on my laptop.  It just hung time after time on the “syncing calendars” step in iTunes. I looked on both Apple and Microsoft sites for solutions, and found none. So I called the remote geniuses in Cupertino.

This did not go well.

The first rep tried, and failed, at installing their screen capture software, and most of her fixes (updating everything, rebooting everything, trying different ports and cords) were things I’d already tried. So I was escalated- to Kyle. He had no more luck, but he did have me muck around in the Windows edition of iCloud, which, coincidentally, I’d recently installed hoping it would help me manage my stratocumulo storage in the Land of Jobs (it didn’t).

When he ran out of ideas (and he couldn’t see the screen capture either), he made me a Galleria Genius Bar appointment for last night at 5:30 and promised me a callback.

Which, by the time I’d returned from Missing Client Hell, I hadn’t received.

But Kyle did give me the Klue. I tried repairing things- both iCloud and my Outlook inbox. I even created a dummy new Outlook pst file and tried syncing that. Nuthin.  So finally, I just told Windows to blow iCloud the fuck up....,

And, when I reopened my real Outlook folders? They synced:)

None of the online fixes I read about worked, but they made clear that this has been a known issue for years, with both behemoths blaming each other for it.  And it was only caused by the two of them competing over cloud computing, which has nothing to do with my calendar, anyway.


And then there was mystery of life #92,493,632:
Every battery-operated device in this home, when its batteries run low, proceeds to warn you through an annoying combination of beeps, blinks, honks and karaoke nights of nuisance sounds.

Every device, that is, except the programmable thermostat- which announces the demise of its DC charge by simply turning the fucking furnace off in the middle of the night and seeing how long it will take you (or more likely your more observant wife) to notice.

Answer: 63F.

My theory is that since all engineers are destined to rot in hell, they really don't need the extra heat.

ETA: As a coworker reminded me, it’s not the only battery device that does in silence. Our dozen random remotes also just fail. Hopefully we’ll soon have that down to a smaller pile when we cut the cord.


Finally, dude showed up. We have a good trial date and a new settlement offer.  All is good, at least soon as I rip off this gorram tie.

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