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Night and Daze - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Night and Daze
Yesterday was a slow-moving kind of day. Probably because I actually went out the night before.  This doesn't happen all that much these days.  One time it didn't was a few weeks ago, when a folk performer we follow put on an annual benefit show for a local homeless group. It got a nice write-up in the local alt-weekly-

- but between the weather and a busy-to-that-point weekend, we wound up begging out.  Thursday night was another shot, at least for me (Eleanor's still getting over her bug); Tyler was playing at a brewery in East Aurora that night, and I had business to the east of there I could take care of after leaving Rochester and then take the scenic drive out Big Tree Road to see the show.

The business never got taken care of: the papers never arrived for me to file in Wyoming County, and by the time I got to the first stop on my Route 20A pilgrimage in Geneseo, I discovered that their county clerk closes at 4, not 5.

No, really isn't; just have to call ahead to check the hours:P

The show was over two hours in the future, the drive half that at most, but come on. This is a college town, and I knew where I had to make a stop:

"The Big B" has been a Genesee Valley institution since 1970.  The cashier strummed on a mandolin while I checked their local CD section. Plenty of vinyl, too,  if that's your thing. Also, Buzzo himself, not as spry as I remember him in 80s tv commercials, and he wasn't out on the street playing this time,  but he came over, shook my hand, made sure I left with free lovely parting gifts: a giant BUZZO bumper sticker and his official titled pen:

I picked out a disk, unheard but I wound up liking it, from a local band called Groveland Station fronted by a Geneseo State professor- and then headed for more folk to the west.


It had been snow-meltingly sunny and warm all day, but by the time I headed toward EA, the sunny part ended and most of the drive was rainy and foggy.  Still, I got to the village in plenty of time to catch a bite before heading to the brewery, and my coworker from such parts recommended a legendary place called the Bar Bill Tavern, which is soon to open a Northtowns location not far from us.  Found it, parked at it, walked toward it- and found it closed for annual maintenance, including on the previous Valentines Night.

Things were going well here, huh.  Fortunately, there's another restaurant next door called The 189, owned by the same people and featuring some of the famed Bar Bill menu, which was open- and which had its own live entertainment going:

That's a duo called Roadhouse Thursday, which I hadn't heard of, but who accompanied my pre-show food coma before driving down 20A the way I came to the other edge of town and the brewery and Tylery.


Michelle from my Amherst office, living and now mostly working in EA, met me there.

- And offered proof of my being there with Ty, as well:

We were among a handful of appreciative audience members- the rest were just drinking and picking at finger foods-  but he got to say hi to us both and did two full sets of tunes, including "Potfarmer's Daughter" about his longlost Livingston County love (I've met her, and his current GF, just not this night).  I picked up his other band's most recent CD, and we called it a night round 8:30, getting me home, and exhausted, after a 20-odd minute drive up the 400/90/290 and a grand total of two craft beers.

Okay, I may have had some wine when I got home. Eleanor remembers this more than I do.


Yesterday, my ass dragged all day despite being asleep by 10 the night before. We began watching Wonder, and this afternoon went out to Call Me By Your Name, both wonderful films.  I got two workouts in at noon yesterday and 11 today, and have nothing planned for tomorrow other than a dog park trip with Ebony.

We have gotten dispatches from Points South, though. Emily made it to their new place two weekends ago, and it's damn cute:

Speaking of cute, guess what Cameron got his beloved for Valentines? Our latest grandkitty, Luna Lovegood:


She's about five months old, they think, and full of magical powers.

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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: February 18th, 2018 11:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
love the screened in porch!
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