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Broken Pleura, Broken Car, Broken Printer, Fuck the NR (eh?) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Broken Pleura, Broken Car, Broken Printer, Fuck the NR (eh?)
It's one of those weeks. The soundtrack of the week was originally from Dylan, but this is the R.L. Burnside version of it I hear all the time on WRUR:

Eleanor is slowly recovering from last week's maladies (sore throat, infected eye, still nasties going on with one ear she's now on antibiotic for), but she began worrying about a pain in her rib. That led to a trip to our doctor, a chest x-ray on the way home, and finally a steroid prescription. As they say on Beat the Reaper, "Correct! You've got- pleurisy!" Leave it to us old folks to get something so old it's got a positively medieval name.

One dose in and she already feels better even without the bleeding- but we've still called off plans for the day to give it a good chance to kick in.


Amazingly, considering the state of bugs around me at home and in two offices, I haven't gotten sick this winter.  Still, I do my part to make things interesting.  This is a school vacation week in these parts, which means little court, light appointment schedules and more flexible time to do All The Things. On Thursday, that meant:

- get a workout in
- pick some stuff up at Wegmans
- harass a debtor
- get bagels (sorry, Danny, this is one thing the full-timers do a little better)

And me, with a whole free early afternoon until a 2:30 client came in.  Got a parking space right in front of the workout studio, which I pulled into from the space behind so I could pull right out when done.
^^ this will be important later^^

I finished, and normally would've just walked over to the Wegmans next door, but there was the rest of the agenda, so to shave a few seconds off, I got in my car, began to pull forward, and instantly heard a honk. I jammed my brakes on (if brakes can, in fact, jam when you're going maybe 1 mile per hour) and realized I'd just missed the car making a right turn in front of me to get to either the stores on that strip or a parking space to my right.

At least I thought I'd just missed. There wasn't a dent or scratch on JARVIS- just the slightest hint of some white paint. But I was then greeted by the driver, who began taking color glossy pictures with her kid's phone (after trying to call her husband to find out what to do) and asking if I wanted to call it in to my insurance or take care of it myself. As people in her McMansion subdivision are probably wont to do. I said, "get an estimate and then we'll talk." A day later, Mr. Stepford Wife called. I concluded from his tone that he is probably either a brain surgeon or a Mafia don- possibly both. Somehow, this fender bender managed to cause $1100 of damage to the Mom-mobile. How much could my little wind-up car have done? (And, hmmm, has she done this drill before?) So I told him I'd report it to my carrier and let the insurance behemoths sort it out. This, of course, was easier said than done- because my insurance company's website does not have the simplest 21st century procedure for reporting a claim online.

It was late afternoon by now, and I did not want to get stuck on a call-center phone line for two hours, but I then realized- hey! there's probably an app for that! And indeed there is- but only on my phone.  It's clearly intended for bad-driving millennials- we know you want to be polite, but don't admit anything!- but it got the job done in under 10 minutes. So now we wait for the claim rep call- and the other errands went fine.


This morning came the next unlucky break. Eleanor was clearly having trouble with something when I finally awoke around 8:30 this morning. That something was her printer- an older but still useful Epson photo-grade job that she just wanted to print her schedule from. It wasn't the ink or the printhead, but the paper feeding.  I tried air-blowing the feeding mechanism, and rubbing alcohol on the rollers, and tried a sample page, which instantly jammed.  I got in to the midst of it with a needle-nose pliers to remove the jammed paper bits, and then went, huh?

This was the huh:

A knitting needle had gotten into the workings of the thing- I could only see the eye, about as much as the black on the push-end of the there-for-scale Buzzo pen, with the rest wedged under the mechanism. I got it out, canned-air around it, and the schedule page printed!

I wonder if you can use that needle for bloodletting.


That leaves only the only permanently broken part of this post: the aftermath of the previous week's school shooting, which gets only stupider and stupider as the ammosexuals circle their firing squads and try to justify the status quo while doing absolutely nothing.  Just in the past few days, I've heard crazy people, from pundits to "president,"-

* Decry the effectiveness of background checks because they're "garbage in-garbage out"- only 38 of the 50 states report to the FBI.  YOU MORONS, THAT'S BECAUSE THE GUN NUTS SUED AFTER THE BRADY BILL PASSED AND GOT THEIR MINIONS ON THE SUPREME COURT TO RULE THAT MANDATORY ALL-STATE REPORTING WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

* Tell the nation, with a straight face, that better solutions include arming teachers (this, before it came out that at least four different armed officers were on the scene of the shooting and were too chicken to go in and face a crazy person with a Bushmaster) and, what a new idea!, put ratings on movies and video games.

* Accuse the survivors of the shootings of being paid "crisis actors" as part of a Sekrit Obama Deep State conspiracy to take away the 20 remaining guns not confiscated during his eight years in office.  Even NRA stooge Marco! Polo! Rubio! found this went too far:

Only half-right, Marco! That same description applies with equal, lethal force to the Nuts Running America.  He later showed up at a town hall meeting and said he supported some baby steps to limit access to these weapons of mass destruction- and his handlers have already expressed displeasure at him for doing so.  We'll see how he actually votes. More importantly, we'll see how the entire country votes in a little over eight months.


Enough. I'm going back to watching the USA win at curling- the only Olympic athletes I can actually relate to:)

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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: February 25th, 2018 12:48 am (UTC) (Link)
sorry to hear eleanor has pleurisy. i had that once, its something i hope to never ever ever have again.

i've had my couch eat crochet hooks, but never had a printer eat a needle.

hope you can get that nonsense sorted out with the supposed car accident.
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