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From Broken to Fixin' - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
From Broken to Fixin'
This past weekend seemed to reverse the trend of the previous post.  I began by fixing something I'd neglected until then- getting to meet the folks next door who bought the house from Betty's niece and nephew in December.

Well, folk, anyway. The inspiration was seeing this in their driveway for the whole day Saturday-

- so, having lived through two decades of assorted inconveniences here at various times, I went over to say hello and offer them whatever they might need while whatever was being fixed.

Not necessary, it turned out. Laura, the owner I met, is the daughter of Bob, he of the "no job too small." I told her it reminded me of a slogan a junior high friend put on his sample print shop business card: "no job too small; some too big." Bob has the opposite issue; he really prefers the bigger work (such as, in their case, removing a wall between their kitchen and living room), but the slogan has stuck and so he does the small, as well.  Speaking of bigger, I met their dog- a beautiful, but sedate, 9-year-old yellow lab. I invited her to join us at the dog park after it reopens, but for now they might feel just as home around the construction going on in our substitute parp:

That's Ebony in front of the dozer, not Arthur Dent; no sign of him, but he clearly left his towel.


After getting home from that trip and a workout, we settled into fixing other things around here. Eleanor finished up a project she's been wanting to complete for weeks- covering our kitchen windowsill with plexiglass.  The sink is directly under it, the faucet bumps up against it, and the water from the washing-up had already begun damaging the recent paint job she gave the sill. No more; it took some sawing and grinding, but it's protected now.  For my part, I took on repairing the handle on our back screen door. We replaced the original one maybe 10 years ago, but it's been opened thousands of times since for two dogs, and it gave out last week. I was lucky to find virtually the same handle at the same hardware store yesterday, and switched it out in seconds.  Less luckily, it didn't quite close by itself, until I also replaced the latch on the wall and readjusted the screws holding the handle into the door.  It's now working quite charmily.

Ultimately, we did catch up with Arthur Dent- or at least the actor who played him most recently. Yesterday afternoon, we saw Black Panther, a fantastic addition to the Marvel Universe, where he plays one of the few non-African characters (another being Andy Serkis, leading some wag other than me to proclaim them both as the "Tolkien white guys").  The leads are awesome, the story compelling, and they managed it with considerably less Gratuitous Blowin Stuff Up™ than you usually get in a Marvel film.


Nothing significant broke or got fixed today, but communications were a bit impaired to start the week. I finally got the estimate from last Thursday's little kar-fuffle, and went to email it to my insurance company. They'd sent me a confirmation of receipt of my claim, with an email address for the representative who'd be handling it.  Which they misspelled.  On the second try, after calling her and finding she's a Lissa With Two S's, she got it.  I had similar issues emailing about a membership I signed up for late last year; it took four rounds to explain that I had tried the "fix" they proposed, and was, in fact, the same person who just gave them money about seven weeks ago.  Supposedly THAT will be resolved by tomorrow.  I also have an important court hearing right at noon, followed by another one at two, both out of town.  Hopefully nothing will break between now and then.

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