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♫Ten Thousand (Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum) Eighty (Dum) Minutes♫ - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
♫Ten Thousand (Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum) Eighty (Dum) Minutes♫
I know, not as catchy as when you've got 525,600 of them. 10K8 is barely a week's worth of minutes, and it all went to shit, pretty much, in about 75 of them in a single court hearing.

It was somewhat unusual in that the case had been kicking around for just over a year, causing little in the way of controversy or kerfuffles, and this past Tuesday was the first time the assigned judge ever had reason to lay eyes on it.  We'd resolved one dispute previously, but the bigger one laid before us at this hearing, and I expected this judge to handle it the way he'd handled many others I'd had with him in the past several years: bringing us into chambers and pounding out a deal at the table.

Which, more or less, we did- but only after the client and I were put through the wringer- of technicalities and deficiencies and plain old mistakes and misunderstandings. I offered to the client to fall on my sword on the spot, and have lost sleep over most of the successive nights (knights?) over how the ship can be righted.  The more I read, and think, the more likely I think it can either be negotiated or otherwise resolved over the next few weeks- but that's all we've got. The next date looms the day after the Ides of March, which didn't seem a good choice when falling on swords is an option.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, it wasn't that bad a week. A second hearing followed right on that one,  in a different court with a less deserving client, and there I got exactly what I asked for.  Earlier on Tuesday, I discovered I'd made a significant fee by just writing a single letter, which will help with things that are coming due in the coming week.   And the most potentially distracting event of the workweek- a major winter storm coming only days after nighttime temperatures in the 60F range, which did, indeed produce just short of a foot of the stuff but never shut down travel or our electricity; even the snow-covered panels came back to life today and are cranking out power quite nicely again:)

The kids checked in; the same storm hit them in VA, but with wind rather than snow, and they were fortunate to have a near-miss of a tree falling on their newly rented house. (It clipped only a gutter and one basement window.)  They also got to spend the night of the storm in an ER with Cameron's uncle; he's doing okay, for now, but their more interesting story was one they heard told by some EMTs who were in the department. Apparently when some genius in the area lost power, he figured the best way to report it was to call it in on his MedicAlert button. ("My power lines have fallen and can't get up!") Imagine his surprise when an ambulance showed up rather than a utility truck- and probably with a police car right behind.

Speaking of the kids and of cool Broadway musicals, this is the week they were supposed to be in The Room Where It Happens- with the tickets I scored for them way back last summer. Faced with that not happening now, I finally put them on a combination of offers- purchase the pair, or get one for free. First in was a friend from Rochester, who will be there this week anyway, so he offered to buy them both and got the dibs.  Two other friends are flying standby in case anything goes wrong with Scott's plans (like, what else, another threatened March winter storm), and there's still about a one percent chance I'll make it down there to use one of them- but it's coming here next season, and that'll be soon enough if we still have a country by then.

Coming this week is a musical love of ours- Antje Duvekot. We' ve seen her twice in recent years at the local home of Buffalo folk music- first opening for Lucy Kaplansky, then headlining a couple of winters ago on the night we met her opener Tyler Westcott.  She hadn't been on the schedule- just as Jen Chapin wasn't until I helped get her on it last March- but Eleanor mentioned her, we found her most recent album, and then she found this gig had just been listed. 

Today was quiet, mostly- I did my civic duty and filled out the mandatory state accident report form from the parking lot fun of late last month. DMV, amazingly, makes it available and fillable online, but submitting it that way? Ha ha, that's funny.  Got a bunch of other errands done, and we're about to settle in with Local Hero, one of our all time favourite films.

Oscars are tonight- although I wonder if they'll announce it as the 90th annual Tony Awards or somesuch in honor of last year's clusterfuck.

Tomorrow begins the next 10,800.  They should be better.
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