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Thankful Thursday, Several Days Late.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Thankful Thursday, Several Days Late....

Many reasons for us to be thankful. Other reasons for hoping others get to join us in thankfulness eventually.

Saturday's mail brought some good news for the kids: their Palmyra apartment complex sent back their security deposit in full and, it appears, relieved them of six months of rent on the place because Emily did such a good job cleaning it out before she moved out. It didn't hurt that they were among the nicest and quietest tenants the place ever had. I deposited it to their remaining NY bank account yesterday, which turned out to be my only reason to shlep to Rochester, since my client there showed up two hours early for court and the judge approved her case in my absence.

We largely took it easy ourselves for the rest of Saturday, because we had a night out on the town. Okay, in the village. The local folk music group had a hole in their annual schedule- the same one I helped fill last March with Jen Chapin- but this time they filled it all by themselves with a return engagement by Antje Duvekot. We've now seen her three times there- the first opening for Lucy Kaplansky, the second meeting Tyler Westcott opening for her. This time, she announced some scary news from the previous year: Antje revealed that she had surgery on her vocal cords last year. She healed from it nicely, and her voice is as wondrous as ever, but it gave her plenty of worry until it was over and she prepared for the experience by recording an entire album of cover songs in her closet (better acoustics). She played several of those covers for us tonight, along with many from her last two albums which we know and love. These included songs from Dylan, Paul Simon, Nina Simone, John Gorka (one of Lucy's other bandmates), and this one from Tom Waits that she put on her Facebook page last Christmas.


Sunday morning, the clocks moved ahead an hour. Mine didn't. I'm still more-or-less boycotting the whole business until Friday, the first day I have to be out of here stupid early. Our usual Parp! date got postponed, and I took Ebony to a different park about 90 minutes later than usual:

We had the place pretty much to ourselves. After an early afternoon of paperwork, I then got bribed by the prospect of newly-barbecued ribs and headed to the local hometown hardware chain to replace the propane grill that has been a Good And Faithful Servant for many years but is now sending flames up in infinite combinations. The previous two iterations of this same grill, I managed to walk off with the already-assembled floor model. This time, they made no such offer, and the assembled assemblage wouldn't have fit in the back of a Smart car anyway, so I spent much of Sunday dealing with my first-ever wordless installation manual. Here's how we do it these days:

You line that bad boy up on a reader app on your phone, and it magically links you to a Tool Time video on how to Build-a-Bear-B-Q without setting yourself on fire. I got as far as creating the base (which is the one part of the old one which isn't rusted to shit and I probably could've just reused). Tomorrow, the gas transmitters. Pray for us and my screen protector as I try following along on my too-small mobile monitor.


Other than the quick trip to Emily's bank, yesterday's trip was mostly useless. But we ended the day by finishing the DVD of Lady Bird, which we loved on first view and loved again; we watched its special features tonight and it looks like everyone had a good and meaningful time making the film.

I got in to the office here a little before 10 this morning- see boycotting, above- and while the workday wasn't especially good or bad, two co-workers got some bad news about a family member which they could really use your karma about.

Speaking of religion, as in the one of mine I've lost: when we got to the venue for Antje's show on Saturday night, we saw that our former church had adopted a message I've been seeing on numerous other houses of worship in our town in recent weeks:

There's a sad story behind their solidarity:

The religious community is coming together in response to the "Black Lives Matter" sign at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst being vandalized last year.

Rev. Robert Harvey of Calvary Episcopal Church was driving along Transit Road toward Main Street when he noticed the word "Black" in “Black Lives Matter” crossed out.

Several meetings later, places of worship are now putting a quote from the early UU Church founder Francis David on banners and signs: “We need not think alike to love alike.”
Harvey said this unfortunate act of vandalism has only brought the community closer together.

"We went from about two or three clergy meeting together and now, the last time we met, we were at about 13," said Harvey. "So it's a growing community that we're now beginning to talk to each other and learn about our faith groups across these denominational lines."

Wikipedia questions the provenance of the quote, but who cares? It's good to see Methodists, Presbyterians and Reform Jews (the ones I've so far seen) joining in this message. Now if the former will take a similar view about their own LGBT marriage candidates and clergy, they might get me back into their pews. Eleanor actually enjoyed the snuggling opportunity presented by the long-defrocked pews in the Meeting House across the street from our former church. They wouldn't even need to put in a new elevator;)

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