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Dumb and Plumber - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Dumb and Plumber
The Playstation went back to GameStop tonight.That's as far as I've gotten in the Big Audio Dynamite Audio/Video upgrade.  Other events intervened, of a less technological nature.

Yesterday morning came the note next to the microwave: "Get shower fixed!" I'd been putting this off since failing at the home remedy a few months ago; I settled a case against a local plumber, and got some free advice about maybe being able to fix the problem ourselves: Moen and similar shower faucet controls contain a cartridge which regulates the hot and the cold. Remove the handle, replace the cartridge, easy peasy.

Or not, if (a) your hard water has fused the screw holding down the handle to the handle itself, and (b), as we learned today, if the same hard water has also fused the cartridge to the handle on its unseen side. So nothing other than a replacement faucet control was gonna do it; and the cartridge turned out to be the  most expensive part of the whole repair, even if we had gotten it off.  This, we now know from seeing a professional remove and replace it all. So we should be set for at least another decade, longer if I make an effort to unscrew and clean the thing now and again so it doesn't get fused.

Then there were the teef. I went in for my semi-annual cleaning yesterday morning, the first since acquiring actual (if relatively limited) dental insurance. I had no aches and no pains to report, the cleaning went quickly, and I expected a clean bill of health.  Instead, I now have a followup extended appointment next Tuesday to fix things I didn't know were broken. One, a filling on a back lower tooth, which has a chip in it that's accumulating food and is thus contributing to Bad Dental Health; more troubling, an x-ray revealing a cavity under a fairly recent crown, which needs to be popped off, the stump filled, and the crown hopefully placed back upon the uneasy head; and most troubling, a general degeneration of enamel caused by acidic things (coffee comes to mind as the likely culprit) which we need to monitor going forward.  By my age, both of my parents had been seriously bridged, and those bad teeth are definitely handed down from them and to Emily, so I will have to figure out a way to monitor and control my oral pH so I don't lose what little is left of my original standard equipment.

The audio-visual replacements will likely  begin to show up this weekend, after a particularly difficult court hearing I'm expecting for most of tomorrow and a Good Friday that will be devoted to cleaning up a week's worth of Mostly Absence from my office.   If I get out in time tomorrow, I may join a rolling band of Catholics who are renewing an old tradition by stopping at seven different parishes on Maundy Thursday; the friar in charge of this, who I went to law school with, unofficially refers to it as the "Holy Roll."

It's also Opening Day for the Mets, but it's been too cold and snowy to even begin comprehending that.

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