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Unreal. But getting better. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Unreal. But getting better.
I've repeatedly sworn off ever doing any law practice involving what the specialists refer to as "dirt." I am very good at real estate; it's just that my deals all seem to emanate from Indian burial grounds with the associated curses following me around.  My last all-out binge ("closings," they call them) was months ago, but like most addicts, I've dabbled. Tippled, if you will. I did a deed as part of some estate planning documents for a couple who got married a couple of months ago. But otherwise, I've turned down dirt work- sending them to the real estate attorney in one or the other of my offices or to other friends. 

And now, here I am, about to make an emergency call to my sponsor. God help me, as of mid-week I had five of them again. None, strictly mine in the "complete transaction contract to closing" sense, but each with enough for my usual trouble to come up. 

First was essentially an undoing of that deed I did a couple of months ago. A town clerk (who clearly was first in our class in law school on the days I was out sick) basically told them I'd screwed up their STAR exemption, that I'd done at least two other things wrong (which full-time real estate attorneys in both of my offices said I did fine), and as a result of that, they just wanted to put it back the way it was. Fine; redoing the docs was easy since I'd kept them on my laptop and just had to cut and paste; but my total fee was zero, since that's what I'd charged them for this part of the work in the first place (it was sort of a wedding present).   One of my coworkers graciously took it all down to record, which was really kind, since the other deal she really went downtown to handle (not mine- go figure) got totally messed up and wound up ruining the end of her day. So that one's down.

Next was a former bankruptcy client, who got his case thrown out for nonpayment of his back mortgage arrears, among other sins, but he called to say he'd worked out stuff with that bank and they'd refinance him as long as he got his ex-wife off the deed. My mission, which I stupidly decided to accept, was to prepare the deed doing this and the related recording documents. Or so I thought: yesterday at 4 a.m., awakened by pre-trial stress over a hearing that would eat six hours of my day later that morning, dude texted me to say he'd found another lawyer who "notarized the quick claim" for a lot less money and he didn't need me, but thank you.  I replied with another two words also ending in "you" (at least in my mind), and told him how pissed I was.  Turned out he didn't understand: he thought deeds were like car titles, where you just "sign it over on the back" to the new owner and that's all he had to have notarized.  Since I'd already done the damn work, I finally relented, credited him for what the other lawyer had charged him (for what, I don't know), and got both him and the ex to sign the right things in the right places and sent him off to record them on Monday. That's a-two.

I thought I'd handed off another "contract to closing" deal to my Buffalo co-worker, but since the latter would be in Rochester, I said I'd go to the closing for her.  Earlier this week, I came to find out that there were actually two deals with the same clients, that they were selling House 1 and buying House 2 on the same day, and that Rochester customs and procedures are completely different from How We Do Things Here.  It took several days of stress-filled emails between people on the other end and the paralegal on ours, but we think we have them coordinated so I can attend hearings in Buffalo at 10, close the sale at 1:30, close the purchase at 2:30 and then have some unexpected dental work done at 3:30. A-three and-a a-four.

Five hasn't actually come in yet, but a downstate law school friend asked if I could basically witness a refinance transaction for a client of his.  I said yes. Because my name's Ray and I'm a realestataholic.


Other than all that, the past few days have progressed on a number of fronts.

Most of yesterday was devoted to that one hearing in downtown Buffalo. The arbitration itself took just over four hours, including a number of breaks mostly caused by the judge needing to check on his grandson who was having surgery while the thing was going on; but from arrival at office to organize my notes and exhibits until leaving the parking ramp was the full six hours I mentioned earlier.  No idea how it went, or when I will hear, although I am willing to bet that the client will ask me at least twice before I do hear.

It's almost sacrilegious scheduling court hearings on religious holidays. Not Passover or Good Friday, but Opening Day. The Mets took the field for their 57th debut at 1:10 yesterday, and I was still stuck in court at this thing until well past 2; I have a phone app which carries their radio broadcasts, but it showed nothing as I exited the ramp.  Turns out I needed to update the app, since numerous friends confirmed that the game began right on time, and with no rain or even the cold of two season openers ago when I was there (that entry now lacking the pictures to prove it:P), and the Mets won convincingly, as they've done for an amazin' number of their openers after their first eight years of futility.  I got to hear the middle innings on the radio app, and watched the final three on SNY once I got home, early, from the office.  I continued an afternoon baseball binge by listening to the first Yankee game of the season- on the Toronto AM station which was broadcasting it.  The Bisons' longtime broadcaster just got the callup to the big club after their longtime announcer retired, and he did himself Talkin' Proud in his new MLB role, even though the Jays lost.  I ended the early evening with the first briefly good minutes of the Sabres game, where they welcomed their new prospect to the lineup; he did well in his first game, but the overall tank continued.  It wasn't as good a story as this one from Chicago last night, where a 36 year old accountant, signed to a one-day contract out of a Chicago beer league, stepped in as the emergency goalie for the NHL Blackhawks and stopped every shot put on him.


Since today was Good Friday, a de facto public holiday in the Diocese City of Buffalo, my phones and email were mostly dead for the day, and after getting the deed signatures I needed and one check dropped off, I cut out early, for numerous plans. Mainly, to check out the amazing Good Friday sales at Best Buy to continue the replacement of our AV setup.  (I thought I was kidding, but in the UK, Good Friday is now as big a deal as our November Blackness, with sales of up to 70 percent off.)

I didn't do that well, but we have our first TV and Blu-ray player of the digital age for reasonable prices and twelve-month-no-interest terms.  Fortunately, the same salesperson was there today who helped me, quite honestly and fairly, for no sale at all over the weekend, and he got the sales of the new devices, the one cable we will now need, and the copy of Last Jedi to be used for demonstration and calibration purposes.  The only issue was getting the new TV into a Smart car, and the answer to that issue was, drive home slooowwwwwleeeee.  Close to three quarters of the thing stuck out on or over the back of the hatch, but I know my back roads around here and spent only about four blocks on roads with speed limits over 30, and we got it all home safe and sound.  Tomorrow is installation day, and we'll see how much prettier the Force is in bigger-screen glory.

If I recall, Luke's got huuuuuge tracts of land.  Good thing I'm not being expected to close the sale of them. This entry was originally posted at https://captainsblog.dreamwidth.org/1517088.html. Please comment here, or there using OpenID.
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