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A Few Days in the Life- Cutting, Stressing, Streaming, Breaking, Living.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Few Days in the Life- Cutting, Stressing, Streaming, Breaking, Living....

Wow. I was last here last month.  Let's see how things have gone since.

Here's a snippet I wrote Monday night:

I’m at the cable joint. Scissors in hand.

The new tv came home Friday night- completely contrary to the handling instructions by laying it flat in the back of the car (they’d have died if they saw how far it stuck out), and apparently also with this warning-

-which seemed to imply that if we don’t assemble this thing right, our wine glasses will be struck by lightning.  But we did get it assembled right and nothing was damaged in transit (or on Transit); by Saturday afternoon, the new tv and Blu-ray player were connected, displaying never-before-seen picture quality on even the Shape of Water movie we'd begun watching on DVD.  By the time we began Last Jedi, I knew we would no longer need our full complement of never-watched and very-expensive cable channels, so that's why I'm here- to downgrade to their new package for cord-cutters that for just over 20  bucks a month, gives you all the local channels plus your choice of ten from a limited menu. Sadly, the limits exclude live broadcast of the Sabres and Mets, but if I watched 30 of their games combined in their past two seasons, it was a lot.  So I will rely on radio for Rick, and my internet audio stream for Howie, and picture the pictures in my own mind.  The new deal increases my price for internet, but also speeds it up considerably, which should help.

After writing that and signing up for my chosen ten (including BBC America #Doctor, FX #Fargo, AMC and A&E and a bunch of sports stations that will sometimes show my teams), I connected to Hulu and began watching/sang along with the previous night's broadcast of the live Easter performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. John Legend was eponymous; Sara Bareilles, amazing; and Alice Cooper as Alice Cooper (playing Herod, Alice-y).  We'll be fine with the new arrangement, although we do need to upgrade the audio.


No court Monday, which gave me the energy to get to that late errand and two others in  the same plaza, but yesterday more than made up for it. In all, five scheduled work appointments between 9:30 and 2:30, followed by dental work in Rochester at 3:30.

Let's review:

The first of the first two went forward. The second, connected to it, did not. That's because the client wound up in a deeper hole than expected because of an ill-advised decision he made over a year ago, which I didn't find out about until late last week, that will push the whole  business into mid-May.

The third was just a phone call, but it was a phone call from a judge. They tend to expect you to answer their calls, even if you're still answering questions on the record in the first business.   I found a quiet conference room and juggled my way through it,  but it just added to the stress of the bad news being dropped at #s 1 & 2.

Then a leisurely drive to Rochester for #s 4 and 5, the first and second of my two real-estatings that day.  I knew these would be stressful, and they were.  I did  not know, until I got to the first, whether I would receive enough (and negotiable enough) funds to close the second an hour later. But I did; except one annoying form was wrong and had to be redone on the fly, and the other attorney hadn't cut his own check for an expense, so after we waited for him to fix that,  I wound up walking in late to the second in my own office, where things went more quickly and smoothly except for one check I'd been given (which, always anticipating trouble with real estate, I'd brought blank checks to cover).   Both are now on record, and  I've been paid for my efforts (pretty good wages for two little closings).

That led to the relative highlight of my day: having (what I found out to be) a 17-year-old crown ripped out of my jaw.  It hadn't given me any pain or problem, but an x-ray showed decay last week, so this appointment was to fix it (and fill another tooth).After the crown was off the top without damage and the other filling on the bottom drilled, I then heard the words, "We have to talk about the top tooth," which skeered me. The dentist wasn't sure if the remaining stump underneath it would last days, weeks or years. Implants were mentioned. Doing without a tooth there was floated. But by the time he refilled and reposted the thing, he became more confident in its long-term prospects, and even was predicting that a replacement crown would be in order if the toof itself lasted more than a year or two. (His cut-and-paste jobs for all of us have generally lasted longer than expected,  no small feat with my- and the kid's inherited- bad teeth, so I'm optimistic.)  It's held up nicely for at least the first day and then some, with meals going beyond gruel, so the optimism is even bigger.

I got home after the dental work, able to swill soup and even bite into a ham sammich, and finished the streaming of JC knowing I had only one possible (ultimately a no-show) appointment today, but with other things looming on the horizon.


It was windy last night. Not quite tornado-ish in the meteorological sense, but close enough to dispatch an old friend:

The small tree in the foreground, on our lot, is what we know as "Kathy's tree," replanted there in honor and memory of a dear neighbor who died of brain cancer some years back.  But the mess behind it, now likely headed for the stump service on our neighbors' property, is what we've forever known as "Sally's tree" after our longtime neighbor over there.  It had always been gorgeous in bloom, it survived the October Surprise of '06 and Snovember a few years back, but it was finally taken from us in this storm last night. 

Eleanor got that picture, along with this one, which extends the damage a bit out of frame but which also puts forth the hope of the moment:

Death and rebirth: as I was taking these, a pair of chickadees flew down and took pieces of the soft, lighter-colored wood. They flew to a nearby shrub, where they were building a nest, I believe.

As a beloved singer to us has said, Life holds on, given the slightest chance.


I watched  my first-ever Facebook Live broadcast of a major league baseball game this afternoon, which happened to be the Mets (no longer (legally) generally available to me unless I buy a ticket for a game) beating their division rival Phillies.  My beloved TV announcers were laid off for the day, so I turned off the sound and listened in to the Mets radio broadcast for the game. Didn't feel like I was missing anything.


Tomorrow promises to be relatively quiet. Friday brings a couple of appointments, but all within the county, and I have no road trips scheduled until next Wednesday. Like Sara, I'll try not to get worried, because Everything's Alright.

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