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Just a coupla days at the office.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Just a coupla days at the office....

Two days down and I've yet to put on a suit, much less a tie.  I also refuse to replace my salt-shorn work shoes (or risk removing snow tires or even washing the damn car) until winter finally goes off to join the Choir Invisible.  But it's been a busy beginning to the week.

Yesterday: no court, just one early afternoon appointment plus one I knew would be scheduled on the fly after I was on my way to Rochester. It turned out to be not until 12:30, so I had plenty of time in the office there. So I cleaned up months of back filing and actually found an in-basket under it.  The 12:30 went middling to okay (ask me by next week if the check has bounced), the 1:30 was fine, and I had enough time to volunteer to take a couple of real estate deeds downtown to record.

Yeah. As always, something was wrong.  I sent this text:

Yet somehow, with a kind county worker's assistance, I did get them both recorded- and out of downtown without the parking ticket I'd expected the delay to produce.  It got me back here in time for a workout and some wine.  Odd experience, seeing an employee of one liquor store we visit on the sales floor of another. (The companies are not connected- at least not yet.) She could have switched jobs, or been snooping out competitors' prices, but given my horrible facial recognition software, it was rather depressing to realize that liquor store employees are among the first to register with me;)


No court today, either, and again just one scheduled early afternoon appointment and one on-the-fly one that never happened.   I did need to file a bankruptcy first thing, after my opposition failed to come through with a last-minute deferral of a foreclosure sale.  The cats woke me up at 5:30, and I knew I'd never get back to sleep with anxiety over whether the papers were perfect for filing- so I threw on sweats and sneakers, picked the papers up from the office, filed the damn thing electronically,.... and was too wired to get back to sleep anyway.  So other than attempted nappage an hour or so ago, I've been up ever since.

Going in, I also got to review papers that got dropped on me at the last minute, arriving yesterday, in another foreclosure I'm trying to stop, this one without using bankruptcy to do it.  The bank, which just got hit with one of the biggest consumer fraud fines in history, essentially asked the court in a second case they filed against my client to completely ignore what they filed in an earlier one against him because they, not he, screwed up in the first case.  I thoroughly enjoyed accusing them of perpetrating a fraud on the court.

Then things started getting weird.


Tomorrow will make up for the carefree suitless moments of the week. Three court appearances between 9 and 10:30 tomorrow in Rochester, the first four blocks from the second and third, which are on at the same time.  The third, I literally saw for the first time this morning.  So it was important for me to make sure I'd gotten all the dates and times right, and I checked the first court's online calendar to be sure I had.

I had- but then, on that court's 10 a.m. calendar for tomorrow, was a surprise: a longtime client of mine, who I was mired in litigation with for the better part of four years (including one horrid deposition during a Thruway-shutting snowstorm where I compared myself on the record to a potted plant), was appearing, with a new attorney, for a bankruptcy she just filed herself.  I so hope to be out of there before she shows up, because that meeting after our ill-fated case would be

The on-the-fly client today never flew in (but the firm trying to foreclose on her, the same one defending the indefensible bank in the other case, screwed up an address in a filing and I may be able to buy her some extra time on account of that).  The scheduled client did come in as scheduled, though, and brought his own coincidence.  In addition to the cases I'm already handling for his business, he had a new one. Against a manufacturer with an office near mine.  But, he said, they used to be out in a very small town in an adjacent county.  That made something click- and after a few more clicks on my keyboard, I confirmed it: the company he wants me to sue is owned by two guys I already sued for another client- which, last time I looked THEM up, had been previously sued by yet another former client of mine.

I'm getting worse than Kevin Bacon at connecting everybody in my life together.


After bringing my reply papers to the judge and opponent, I picked up a supplement Eleanor likes from a health food joint near there where I had a coupon.  It wound up costing zero because they are so healthy, you can use your prepaid health insurance wellness card there. (Not a bad benny for paying them over seven grand a year for coverage that doesn't kick in until Dollar $2001.)  We were going to try again at seeing Death of Stalin tonight, but the theater pre-empted it for their weekly classic film series screening and lecture.  So we'll use the extra ticket from last weekend over this coming one, when Isle of Dogs will be playing.

The only sour note on the end of the day was checking to see if yesterday's client's check had bounced yet. It hadn't, but a little pissant opponent apparently bounced one on me from almost a week ago. It's weird, because we use the same bank, and they usually clear or reject their checks within a day.  I'm not sure if I want to blame Wells Fargo or Kevin Bacon for this one.
ETA:  False alarm. Some Dude took a check in the identical amount which I'd written to him and cashed it at my bank, which generates an immediate "WITHDRAWAL-DETAIL NOT AVAILABLE" notice that's identical to their bounced-check pre-advices. And the other one to me hasn't bounced either- yet.

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