captainsblog (captainsblog) wrote,

When the Chips Aren't Down....

First of all, all the furbabies are fine. This is more 50% preventive and 50% annoying.

Eleanor registered Jack's microchip last week, and we were also going to do Bronzini's at the same time. I was a bit surprised when she said Jack's didn't cost anything- when Pepper's chip ID was transferred over to us in 2018, we paid something like 75 bucks for lifetime registration.

Also weird was that the chip site for the kittehs had no record of us. Which means it's NOT the same site we did Pepper with. 

Long story short, we've lost Pepper's registration paperwork. We went through all of her records, and Zoey's in case they got misplaced with hers from the same time frame. If they got stuck in Ebony's or Evil Cat's, they got tossed in a fit of spring cleaning. 

But not an issue- all you need is the tag number and this site will track down whose chip it is.

We can't find the number.

It's not on her dog license paperwork, any of the records from our vet, the one from her previous humans, or the shelter she was originally rescued from. I also looked through a ton of credit and bank statements from the time in question to at least see who we paid it to- nuthin'.

This means we're going to have to call, and maybe visit, our vet to either get the number off internal paperwork or bring her in for a scan.  Knowing how car dealerships deal with idiot light codes, I have no expectation this will be free.

But maybe there's an app for that! No, not really- the scanners that read these things use a tech that mobile phones aren't set up for.

So please: next time you're at your vet, if you have a chipped pet, ask them to write the number down for you. Then save it in your password list or strongbox or wherever you keep vitals.  Also ask them if they'd consider printing that number on their invoices. Ask them to loan you 20 bucks. Ask them if they like gladiator movies.  Ask them if they can recommend a new vet after you're done asking them these questions.  

Nobody's lost here, thank cats, but imagine if we were running around on a Sunday night trying to get that information. This entry was originally posted at Please comment here, or there using OpenID.

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