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"Covering" all the Bases for Father's Day

When your own father is 35 years dead and not leaving many happy memories in his wake, and your only child is 500 miles away and in another world, you tend not to have too many expectations of how this day is gonna go. It did not fail in that regard simply from not giving it a chance to.

Most of my happy paternal connection moments came Friday, when my favorite radio person devoted an entire three-hour show to songs that were either covers of, or duets with, the singers' own fathers. Scott ended with the digital mashup we've heard many times, of Natalie and Nat "King" Cole singing "Unforgettable." But the show began with this- a cover by Salvador Santana of his dad's first mainstream hit single:

(Sorry if there's a pre-ad on that. I got one for a Star Wars series on Disney+, because what says Father's Day more than a Sith Lord chopping his only son's hand off?;)

I did get a very kind call from Le Child late this morning, and a pressie of some sort is in the works, but other than that the day went, well?!?

I began my morning, at least a couple of hours after Eleanor's now-habitual early rising, by trying to be useful. She'd put the kettle on for coffee but it still needed the actual making in the old-school Mellita carafe that's now a Frankencombo of an original 80s cone, a Wegmans filter and a Cuisinart carafe.  In trying to put clean cutlery away while pouring that, I knocked said cone over and turned our kitchen counter into something looking like the Oil That Killed Tasha Yar:

It was somewhat easier to clean up than she was.

Eleanor wasn't doing much better. She scooted out to Wegmans at 6:30 a.m. for Father's Day bling, including an Ultimate Cherry Topped Cheesecake for tonight. Unfortunately, it took a tumble in the grocery bag and turned into an Upside Down Cherry Topped Cheesecake that got all over the bag's innards. Oh well; no actual cheesecake was harmed.  (She also pulled a similar thing with the carafe a day or so before, only no security chiefs died in the effort.)

I guzzled the cuppa or so that had poured through before today's incident, and resolved to leave the coffee making to the professionals from then on. Pepper hadn't been out on Sunday morning park walkies for a few weeks, so I posted to the still-Messengering group and told them where we were going. Two other humans and one other dog of her acquaintance joined us over there after I'd caffeinated, along with several others who've turned it into an unofficial off-leash area on Sunday mornings.  Turns out, though, I wasn't caffeninated enough when I left Timmy's, because I managed to leave my debit card behind.

It was right where I left it, though, and it also afforded me the chance to see this amazing sight:

Yup, Father Somebody, no doubt just finished with 8:30 mass at St. Greg's, heading back to his car with his box of freshly-made donut holes.  My thoughts:

At the counter: Three Hail Marys, a medium double-double and two dozen Timbits.

And back at the altar for the 10:15: These are my Timbits, which are given for you, eh?

Sorry, God. Sheesh, you'd think by now He'd be used to Dad jokes.


Not much to that entry, huh? Fine. Have some pictures.

As is usual for her, Eleanor spent most of the day doing the traditional Fathers stuff of drilling and sawing and working with power tools. At one point, I settled in for a cuddle with Zoey, but she was gone when I woke up. Turns out this is where she was- downstairs reclining on Mommy's power drill:

Once I was again oop and aroond, I did some more washing-up, not knocking anything over this time, plus some computer work. At one point, I needed to borrow Eleanor's laptop for a program only on hers. She said, fine go ahead, but it seemed to say,...


Or, you'll hit me with that fish?

Not us, we won't. That's the floppy fishy toy we got for the boys a few weeks ago, which has a rechargeable battery you connect by USB for the task.  Pepper's scared of it, which is why she hasn't destroyed it like all of her goofy toys.
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